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Do you need a wholesale business idea to create another source of income?

This article is for anybody at all who wants to venture into business as a side job.

Welcome to Loans in Ghana. Today we are going to open your eyes to viable wholesale business opportunities in Ghana.

In recent times it is difficult to make ends meet if you don’t have a business running aside your main source of income.

The trick about succeeding in wholesale business in Ghana is finding the right goods or service for the right customers at the right time.

It is best to consider fast moving consumer goods (FMCG).

The wholesale business opportunities listed here require little capital to start.

We are going to give detailed explanation of each, how start, management and any other relevant information needed.

Are you ready? Let us get started.


Before we list the available wholesale, opportunities let us have a look at some important things first.


Who is a wholesaler?

In simple terms the wholesaler source for goods directly from the manufacturer or direct distributor to sell them in large quantities to retailers.


Why start a wholesale business?

  • Goods are sold in bulk quantities. You don’t get to keep the products for a very long time before purchase since you are selling in large quantities.
  • There is a huge profit margin. Sourcing goods directly from the manufacturer is cheaper.


Wholesale business opportunities

  •  Selling computer and mobile phone accessories

This is a fast-moving wholesale business. The current youth is catching up with technology and are always looking for new computer and phone accessories to make life easier.

You can start with cheap accessories such as pendrives, android chargers, iPhone chargers, memory cards, phone screen protectors and many more.

With this kind of business, all you need is to find a very reliable wholesale shop or dealer and build trust with him.

You need a very good marketing plan to succeed here. Use social media platform such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook to market your goods.

Give little discounts and possible giveaways to attract more customers.

  • Selling sachet or bottled water

This business seems unprofitable to many, but with a strategic plan and careful execution, one can become successful selling sachet water.

Water is a daily need of everyone. Positioning your water selling business at vantage points can help you sell more.

The wholesale bag for sachet water cost GHC 2.50 – GHC 3.00. The bag has 30 pieces of sachet water inside.

Sachet water cost GHS 0.20 in most parts of Ghana. 

The gross income made after selling one bag is approximately GHS 6.00. Thus a hundred percent (100%) profit on selling one bag.

On an average day, 5 – 10 bags of sachet water can be sold depending on the location.

Assuming 5 bags are sold a day, it means that the seller is making a gross income of GHS 30 each day, GHS 210.00 in a week and GHS 8.40 in a month.

A profit of about GHS 500.00 or more can be made at the end of each month.

There are a lot of sachet water producing companies in Ghana. Getting wholesale sachet water has therefore become much easier. Start now.


BONUS: How to start a wholesale business in Ghana?

A lot goes into starting a wholesale business. If it is well planned, success is inevitable.

See the steps below or the infograph on how to successfully plan a wholesale business.

Choosing a product


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