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Welcome to Loans in Ghana. Today, we are going to take you through the current fast selling items in Ghana and how to successfully start such business.

To fully survive in Ghana, you need a second or side business aside your main source of income.


What is a fast selling item?

As the name implies, fast selling items are more likely to be purchased within the shortest period of time with little or no marketing.

Getting adequate knowledge about the product and the season is very important in fast selling items business.

For example, during the peak of the corona virus pandemic hand sanitizers were of very high demand and the prices went higher than they used to be.

What are the fast selling items in Ghana now? Well, this post is written to open your eyes and enlighten you on what you can buy and sell and make profit within the shortest possible time. Stay glued to the post.

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Now let us have a look at the fast selling products in Ghana


Fast selling items in Ghana 2020

Nose Masks

Although the corona virus pandemic is subsiding, nose masks are still in high demand.

You can’t enter into most private and government offices without wearing a nose mask. You can get wholesale nose masks for as low as GHC 1 or GHS 1.5 and retail them at GHS 3.


All you have to do is to situate your business near malls, banks, barbering shops and other government institutions. Once people get to those places without nose masks, they are forced to buy from you.


Memory cards

Memory cards used in phones are one of the computer accessories that sells in Ghana. Everybody needs enough space on their phones to store more videos, songs and pictures.

memory cards
memory cards selling

Locate a good memory card wholesale dealer, buy in bulk and retails on campuses or do a direct WhatsApp marketing.


Laptops and accessories.

We are in the 21st century and almost everyone is trying their best to catch up with technology. Students especially tertiary, use laptops for most of their school work. It is good to target university campuses when selling laptop.

The good thing about laptop business is that you can dropship. You just liaise with the main dealer and advertise the laptops on his behalf. When a purchase is made, you get your fair share (percentage) of the deal.

However, if you have a startup capital, you can start with one laptop, sell it and increase your stock with time. Laptop selling business is one of the fast selling items in Ghana at the moment.

You an advertise your products on classifieds like TONATON.COM or


Natural hair products

Ladies love to see their natural hair growing. As a result, a lot of them spend a lot of natural hair products expecting good results at the end. Selling natural hair products are some of the fastest ways to make money in Ghana.

With this kind of business, it is highly recommended that you create an Instagram account, post your products there and encourage your friends to like them and share.

Within the shortest possible time your brand will be recognized. You then start making deliveries within and outside your area.

NB: Sell quality and results-oriented products. When it works for them (customers), they’re more likely to recommend you to their friends.


Interior Decoration Items

In recent times, a lot of people choose luxury over the normal. Tertiary students, individuals, offices and churches love to decorate their rooms with current interior design crafts. Selling interior décor products is one of the fast selling items in Ghana at the moment. Create an Instagram page and market your products there for free.

You can purchase wooden crafts from local craftsmen and carpenters at cheaper prices.


Selling Noodles (Indomie)

Food business is one of the fast selling businesses anywhere. Everybody needs food each day. Using the right recipe for you Indomie Instant Noodles can help you make huge profits within the shortest possible time. Learn how to prepare indomie HERE.

You can locate your indomie business at or near school campuses, night clubs, pubs, and other populated areas.

Ensure you are well dressed in your cook attire and treat customers with utmost respect. That is all, you will win the hearts of many within the shortest possible time. With time, you can start doing deliveries.


Body enhancement products

The desire for flat tummies, slim waist, slim bodies and big p#nis has increased in recent times. A lot of people want to enhance their bodies either to suite their partners or “society”.

Ladies most especially are obsessed about flat tummies and slim waste. Selling body building equipment has a high potential of making you huge profits within a short time. They really do sell fast. Get some wholesale weight loss products and advertise among your circle. Wait and see the magic that happens.


This is the list we have on fast selling items.

Do you think other should have been added?

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