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If you need a loan from letshego savings and loans, formerly afb Ghana, then you are at the right place.

Here at Loans in Ghana, we give you a complete information about loans.

Financial constraint is an inevitable experience everybody passes through at some point in life.

Getting the right access to loan to sought things out is the most important thing.

Afb Ghana, now LetsHego Savings and Loans has carefully structured loans for Ghanaians to benefit from.

They are known for introduction of the MTN Mobile Money Loan some few years back.

Is that the only loan they have?

The answer is no.

There are other afb loans you can apply for.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you get paid in no time.

Without wasting much time let us have a look at all the loans available at afb Ghana (LetsHego).

Before we take a look at the afb loans, let us see the basic requirements


Afb Loan Requirements

To be considered for a loan at Letshego Savings and Loans, you must meet the following criteria.


List of afb loans

  • Afb smartcash loan for informal or market traders
  • Payroll loans
  • Direct loans
  • Land loans
  • And many more


Now let us have a detailed look at each of the loans listed above.

The afb smart cash mobile loan is a loan designed for informal workers or market traders.

It is a short term loan of up to about 30 days.

This is one of the popular mobile money loans in Ghana. It is also instant.

You get payed onto your MTN Mobile money wallet or Vodafone Cash wallet.

Features of smartcash loan

  • It is collateral free
  • No bank account required
  • You are paid directly into your mobile money wallet


The land loan from afb (Letshego) Ghana is to assist customers who want to purchase land but do not have the full financial strength to do so.


Payrolll loans

This is designed for governemtn salaried workers. Borrowers repay the loan amount directly from their salaries on payday.


How to apply for afb loans

You can make application for any loan from afb Ghana by downloading the creditum Prime app from the Google Playstore.

It is the only mobile app developed by afb to enable customers access loans with ease.

You can get access to the application form of all loans at afb using this app.

See the download link below.

Download creditum prime HERE

Installation steps

  1. Download the app from playstore
  2. Launch the app
  3. Insert your login details
  4. Select the loan you want to apply for
  5. Key in all required details
  6. Click next to proceed.
  7. Wait for payment into your mobile money account



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afb creditum app
afb creditum app
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