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Fidelity Bank aimed to develop into a top-tier financial organization that offers exceptional returns to all stakeholders. Professional and proactive employees, cutting-edge technology, great corporate governance standards, solid local market expertise, and most importantly, a customer-focused culture.

The bank started operating as a Discount House in October 1998. The go-to discount house was Fidelity Discount House because it drew a wealthy clientele and was renowned for its cutting-edge and alluring financial product offerings. Customers demanded a richer and deeper business relationship due to the high caliber of services provided, thus it was only natural to enter the banking industry. A license for universal banking was acquired by the bank on June 28, 2006.

In this article, you will discover a lot of things you are to know about the Fidelity Bank.


How Does Fidelity Mobile App Work

Just like any other banking app, the Fidelity App helps you to manage your money easily and conveniently. The app enables users to make secure transactions and payments from their comfort zones.

It is accessible on both iOS and Android compatible mobile handheld devices.

Some of the features of the app includes the following.

  • Increase or decrease your Fidelity Visa card limit
  • Transfer money to any account in and outside Ghana
  • Free internal account transfer within Fidelity network
  • Check account balance and view mini statements
  • Pay for goods and services
  • Top-up airtime for mobile networks
  • Send money from your Fidelity account to any mobile money wallet.


Fidelity Bank USSD Code

This USSD code enables you to access your Fidelity Bank account from any phone, including feature phones and smart phones.

Simply dial *776# and follow the prompts to accomplish this.


Loans Available at the Fidelity Bank

1. Fast and Easy Loan

The Fidelity Fast and Easy Loan is a short-term facility created to provide access to simple, rapid loans in less than 24 hours at a low interest rate of 10% p.a. for both current and new bank clients. Customers can apply for a Fast and Easy Loan and repay it over the course of 12 months.



  • Borrow money at a 10% annual REAL interest rate.
  • Enjoy convenient options for monthly, quarterly, or one-time payback.
  • Quick and simple loan application process in under 24 hours
  • No further fees or unforeseen costs
  • Boost your credit score
  • There are no processing or administrative costs.
  • After 12 months of loan payback, receive 10% of the entire interest you paid.



  • GHS 2,000 is the minimum loan amount.
  • There is no maximum loan amount (LTV 90%).
  • 10% p.a. real (net) interest rate
  • Maximum loan term: 12 months
  • Plan of repayment: monthly, quarterly, or lump-sum
  • Secured by a savings or investment account in GHS, USD, EUR, or GBP


2. Salary Backed Loan

The purpose of a salary-backed loan is to assist employees of profiled (chosen) firms in addressing their immediate and long-term financial requirements. It offers a straightforward application process, a flexible payback schedule, and affordable lending rates.


Benefits of Salary Backed Loan

  • There are no collateral requirements.
  • Flexible payment plans available for up to 60 months
  • fast and simple loan application procedure
  • Lending up to 450 000 (Terms & Conditions apply)
  • Boost your current loan
  • Credit life insurance provides protection from death, total and permanent incapacity, and layoffs.
  • Transfer your loan from several banks at a discount



  • An up to 45% debt service ratio
  • A 48-month maximum loan period
  • Rates of interest that are affordable
  • Takeover of an existing debt (Terms & Conditions apply)
  • Using a standing order, pay back the loan from your Fidelity salary-backed account.
  • Net monthly income of GHS 1,000 is the minimal requirement.


3. Auto Loan

Salaried staff members of companies covered by the Employer Managed Relationship with Fidelity Bank are eligible for this medium-term arrangement.



  • There are no collateral requirements.
  • Flexible payment plans available for up to 60 months
  • Fast and simple loan application procedure
  • Competitive loan interest rates
  • More substantial loan amounts, up to GHS 350,000
  • Covers both new and somewhat used automobiles
  • Transfer of loans with favorable terms from other banks
Fideliity Bank
Fidelity Bank


  • A maximum debt service ratio of 50% (depends on net monthly salary)
  • Term of Repayment: 12 to 48 months (60 months for selected professionals)
  • Financing both new and old cars (used vehicle not more than 5yrs from the date of manufacture and not more than 36 months of use)
  • GHS4,000 minimum net monthly wage or more (including allowances)


4.Home Finance

You can purchase turnkey residential properties from Home Finance for your own use or as an investment.


5.Personal Asset Finance

This is a short-term loan facility with a 12-month maximum payback duration created to help paid employees with Fidelity bank accounts buy personal assets.

The credit agreement includes the purchase of furniture, electronics, and home appliances.


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