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Access Bank is one of the banks that offers easy and convenient loans across the country. It is one of the full service commercial banks in Ghana that offers their services across the country. The bank was officially launched in the year 2009. Access Bank currently have been established in about 52 locations and also present in 8 African countries. It can also b found in India, Dubai. China, United Kingdom and Lebanon.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the loan services offered at the Access Bank.

Types of Access Bank Loans

1. PayDay Loans

Payday loans from Access Bank are available quickly to salaried individuals. It is the perfect solution for people who need to rapidly and easily address current cash flow issues. The PayDay Loan from Access Bank would be perfect if you ever need some fast money for unforeseen expenses.

Dial *901*11# on your phone at any time to quickly access the finance.

This type of loan is an instant and obtained with no collateral or documentations and can be obtained also at a low interest rate. It does not require borrower to visit the bank and the process of application is also very convenient.


2. Maternal Health Service Support (MHSS) 

MHSS is a support designed specifically to assist women take care of their general health issues and also during pregnancy. The support system provide services for both local and international treatments in areas such as; dental surgery, fertility treatment, natal support and myomectomy among others.


  1. Designed to allow women access to financial assistance at a drastically discounted interest rate
  2. Covers a variety of treatments
  3. Consultation of a doctor for health issues
  4. Travel abroad or professional medical advice


3. Mortgage_Ghana Armed Forces

These type of loan is readily available to all officers of the Ghana Army. It is provided through a Mortgage Finance Scheme and is a partnership between the Access Bank with Mayfair Estate Limited. The loan seeks to provide very affordable and luxurious housing solution for the officers in the Ghana Armed Forces Service.

The scheme has a very flexible payment terms that allows officers to make payment with ease even while stile in active service.


  • Completed loan request form
  • Copy of any National ID (Passport, Driver’s license, SSNIT card, Voter’s ID)
  • One passport picture
  • Must be a commissioned Officer


  • A minimum 20% equity
  • Maximum Tenor: 240 months (20 years)


4. Term Loans

This is a loan offered by Access Bank to customers to to help finance them in acquiring fixed assets like land, buildings and machineries. Term loans has an attractive pricing and its tenor is in such a way that it is made to match ones cashflow. It is also very easy to access and its has a cheaper interest rate.


5. Trade Finance Loans

Trade finance is purposely for market business with lower level of risk. This type of loan is very easy and convenient to access.

List of Access Bank Loans
List of Access Bank Loans

6. Overdraft Loans

This loan is a type of working capital loan purposely for assisting in the operation of a company. It has a very competitive interest rate and a one year tenor.


7. Invoice Discounting Credit Program (IDCP) Loans

Just like the overdraft, Invoice Discounting Credit Program assist customers who renders services as vendors of selected corporate or private sector principals with working capital loans.


How Long Does Access Bank Take To Approve Loans?

It takes two (2) to five (5) working days to complete the pre-approval process. After a successful loan request on QuickBucks, your Access Bank account is promptly credited after it has been pre-approved. However, processing could take up to 24 hours before your account is credited.



This article aims to inform you about some of the loan kinds offered by Access Bank as well as the conditions associated with them. Regardless of how little money you have in your bank account, you can still apply for an Access Bank loan. You should expect a swift evaluation and approval of your request if you are an existing Access bank customer.

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