How To Pay Your Student Loan Using Myghpay

Looking for Student Loan in Ghana? And are you a student from Ghana enrolled in a tertiary institution in Ghana that is accredited? To cover all of your educational expenses, you can apply for a loan from the Student Loan Trust Fund.

About Student Loan Trust Fund

The Students Loan Trust Fund is a government organization created in accordance with the Trustee Incorporation Act of 1962, Act 106. Its goals are to support students financially and to further and enable the national objectives stated in Articles 25 and 38 of the 1992 Constitution.

The SSNIT Students Loan Scheme will be replaced by it. The Students Loan Trust Fund Act 2011, Act 820, was approved by the legislature.

Requirements for Student Loan Trust Fund

Before you proceed to apply for any student loan in Ghana, you must be a Ghanaian and have received an admissions offer in order to enroll in a recognized tertiary program in Ghana. Also, you must ensure you have the following documents.

  1. You must have a Ghana Card
  2. Have an active personal e-mail address
  3. You must have a student ID card or acceptance letter
  4. Have a valid Social Security Number
  5. Be registered for an e-zwich card

How to Apply

Follow the steps listed below in applying for the Student Trust Fund in Ghana.

  1. Go to to access the SLTF website.
  2. Apply for a loan by clicking the website link (You may save and continue with the application later if you do not complete at one sitting).
  3. Observe common guidelines when completing forms online.
    (Online upload of a passport photo)
  4. Print your Loan Application Form’s summary pages.
  5. The Guarantor Deed and Students Loan should be printed out and completed.
  6. Obtain your guarantor’s and your own fingerprints at any SSNIT branch office.
  7. the following copies, in photo form:

    i. Admission letter and student ID card.
    ii. SSNIT reference number or SSNIT ID number, respectively.
    iii. E-zwich card (both sides).

  8. Send two original copies of the duly filled-out forms, along with copies of the supporting documentation, to the appropriate SLTF Campus Office.


NB: Fill out all forms using only BLACK INK and BLOCK LETTERS.

Students Loan Trust Fund Requirements of a Guarantor

Any one of the following individuals or entities must guarantee your loan application (SSNIT contributor, Recognized Religious Body, Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assembly and Corporate body).

SNNIT Contributor Guarantor

  1. Must be a Ghanaian
  2. Must make contributions to the SSNIT pension plan on a regular basis.
  3. Must have made SSNIT contributions for at least 36 months, or three years.
  4. Must be no older than 53 years old.
  5. Must not already be a guarantee for more than one (1) person. (Parents may, however, provide guarantees for each of their children.)
student loans
student loans

Religious Body

  1. Must belong to a recognized national religious organization.
  2. Evidence of the Institution’s choice to guarantee must be provided (Resolution).

Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies

  1. There must be proof that the Assembly passed a Resolution guaranteeing student loans.
  2. There should be two authorized signatures listed on the resolution.
  3. The Chief Executive must be one of the signatories.

Corporate Bodies

  1. At the time of the guarantee, the business must be a member of Ghana Club 100 and/or listed on the Ghana Stock.
  2. The assurance must be approved by a board resolution.
  3. There must be two signatories, at least one of whom must be in senior management.

How long does it take to get Student Loan?

A government student loan can be obtained in one to three (3) weeks, whereas a private student loan can be obtained in two (2) to ten (10)weeks.

How to Repay Student Loan

Borrowers can pay in person at the SLTF headquarters, located at no. 47, 3rd Crescent Avenue Asylum Down, close to the Highgate Hotel.

The following methods or platforms are now available for borrowers to pay their student loans as long as they explicitly state their Social Security number (SSN):

  1. MOBILE MONEY: Dial the short code *737*206# and follow the on-screen instructions to make a payment.
  2. MYGHPAY: Go to or download the myghpay app from the Google Play Store, register or log in, click the SLTF logo, and then follow the on-screen instructions to pay using your Visa, MasterCard, or Mobile Money.
  3. GT COLLECT: Use a customized pay-in slip to make a payment at any GT Bank branch nationwide.

Contact Information

Head Office

House Number: 47, 3rd Crescent Asylum Down – Accra

Telephone Number: +233 (0)302 231 886

E-mail: [email protected]


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