Insurance Packages in Ghana

Insurance package is a way to defend against financial loss. It is an effective method of risk management and guards against unexpected loss.

There are many different types of insurance, including life and health insurance. In Ghana, a number of banks also provide insurance and promise future security.

Are you looking for some of the best banks in the Ghana that offers the best insurance packages? Then you are the right place.  This article is here to assist find out which banks in Ghana has the best insurance packages.

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Top 4 Banks in Ghana with the Best Insurance Packages

Knowing which bank in Ghana gives the greatest insurance plan may be a little challenging. Here are some of Ghana’s top banks offering the best insurance deals.

1. Standard Chartered Ghana

You can get insurance packages from Standard Chartered Ghana that will provide you more peace of mind knowing that you are protected from life’s unforeseen events.

The bank offers their customers with other insurance packages which includes the following.

  • Future Plus Plan

This is an insurance product that provides coverage for your child’s future educational needs, regardless of what happens to you

  • Car Insurance

Cost-effective auto insurance that protects you and your vehicle each time you step behind the wheel

  • Life Secure Plan

With the help of this insurance policy, your family will have the resources necessary to pay for necessary funeral expenses.

  • Legacy Life Plan

A reasonably priced insurance plan that will guarantee that your loved ones are cared for even after you are gone

  • Travel Insurance

Your abroad medical expenditures, repatriation costs, and loss of baggage coverage are covered by a travel insurance plan.

To know more about other interesting packages provided by the Standard Chartered Ghana you can visit their website on to know more.

Insurance Packages in Ghana

2. Zenith Bank 

  • Zenith Prudential Life Plan

A life insurance package that offers the highest level of protection until the age of 70 is the Zenith Prudent Life Plan. If no claims are filed throughout the insurance term, it offers a 100% return on premiums, allowing policyholders to get their money back in full if they outlive the policy term.

  • Zenith Educational Support Plan

The Zenith Educational Support Plan is a unique life insurance policy that enables parents to provide their children with a great, guaranteed education, whether they are alive or not.

  • Zenith Ultimate Classic Farewell Plan

When a policyholder passes away, the Zenith Ultimate Classic Farewell Plan assists their families in covering funeral expenses.

  • Zenith Ultimate Premier Farewell Plan

This life insurance policy enables people to fulfill their financial obligations and provide for their families financially when they pass away.

  • Zenith Ultimate Hospital Cash Plan

This living benefit policy offers financial assistance to policyholders who experience an income loss of any kind as a result of the hospitalization of the policyholder or any of his or her dependents (spouse, children and parents).

You can read more about their insurance packages on

3. Stanbic Bank Ghana

The following insurance packages are available at the Stanbic Bank Ghana.

  • Education Plan

A protection and investing strategy that will enable you to ensure that there will be money available in the future to cover the whole cost of your ward’s education. In the event of your death or serious disability before the plan’s maturity, it offers insurance coverage on your target amount to ensure that your children have money for their education.

  • Funeral Plan

A funeral plan provides comprehensive coverage to assist you and your family with the funeral expenses in the event that any of your designated beneficiaries pass away. With funeral plan, you can rest easy knowing there is money set aside to cover funeral costs and other connected obligations. Ghanaians who do not live in Ghana can acquire the Funeral Plan to cover the passing of their family members who do.

  • Homeowners’ Insurance

It is a comprehensive insurance policy that pays for the replacement, repair, or reinstatement of your home’s structure and contents following loss due to theft, fire, or other disasters.

  • Motor Insurance

You can purchase all of your private automobile insurance from the bank, whether it be third party only cover, fire and theft, comprehensive, or enhanced comprehensive (also known as Executive motor insurance policy).

You can visit to learn more.

4. Access Bank

The best assurance and insurance options are available to you through Access Banks Bancassurance, a partnership with Coronation Insurance and Star Life Assurance Company Ltd.



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