mtn student loan

In this article, I am going to give you all the necessary information you need to know about MTN student loan.

Generally, student loans are very good loan facilities that help students successfully complete their education at all levels.

In Ghana, there are a couple of student loans or institutions offering student loans. One of the most common student loan providers in Ghana is the Student Loan Trust Fund.

The main question is “Does MTN Gives Student Loans in Ghana?”

There is no official MTN student loan in Ghana but below are a few ways to get a loan from MTN and use it to cater for your school fees.

This is a normal mobile money loan you can apply for to cater for you school fees as a student in Ghana. For more information on this loan visit HERE.

  • MTN Ahomka Loan

Ahomka loan is similar to Quickloan. You can apply and use the funds to pay your ward’s school fees. Thank you.

  • MTN Ghana Foundation Scholarship

How to apply for MTN Ghana Scholarship

  1. Sign Up / register with the appropriate documents to make a request inorder to gain access to the portal.

Note: An email confirmation would be sent to you after your acount has been approved by the foundation.

  1. Login to the portal using your email and password provided. Click payments on the menu bar and select request payments
  2. Fill out the necessary details to request for a scholarship grant and Click Submit to send a request.
  3. The appropriate office would look at your scholarship request and make a decision whether grants would be offered or denied. An email or SMS would be sent to you to know the current status of your request.

For more information visit here APPLY HERE



Always make sure you’re in genuine need before applying for a loan or scholarship.

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