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All of us in one way or the other have borrowed money before. Either from the bank, friends, or family. In this post, I will discuss with you all the loans available at GCB Bank Limited Ghana, for government workers.

In Ghana, it is easier for government workers often referred to as salaried workers to access loans than non-salaried (non-government) workers. This is because the banks are able to directly deduct the loan amount and interest from their monthly salary once it lands in their account.

GCB Bank Ghana has a lot of loan facilities that I am pretty sure you might be interested in. this post is geared towards government workers.


GCB Personal Loan

This is a loan that is provided to people who are employed and have an account with GCB. They can receive the loan within 24 hours and use it for different personal, family, or household needs. To pay back the loan, they need to make regular payments every month for a set amount of time.


Requirements for this loan

  • you must be a salaried worker
  • you must be an account holder
  • your monthly salary must pass through your account with the bank
  • must be a citizen of Ghana

Features of GCB Personal Loan for Government Workers

  • Automated loan processing
  • Salaries must pass through customer’s account with the Bank
  • Less than 24 Hrs to receive facility with all required documentation provided
  • 6 to 36 months repayment tenure
  • The interest rate is calculated using the reducing balancing method
  • The loan can be applied for at any branch


GCB Employee Scheme Loans

This is a loan service that is provided to managers and employees of companies that are customers of GCB. The service is designed to assist employees in obtaining loans for their personal needs and well-being.


  • The Institution applies for the bulk facility from the Bank on behalf of their permanent employees.
  • Accessible to both customers and non-customers of the bank
  • The loan is approved for staff based on the Bank’s personal loan processes
  • The facility is granted between 6 months and 60 months
  • Bulk repayment for all staff is made to the Bank at the end of every month.
  • The interest rate is slightly lower than Personal Loan


Application requirements

To apply for a GCB loan for government workers you must follow the steps below:

Documents required

  • Pay slip
  • Ghana Card
  • Bank statement
  • Proof of collateral if required

For more information visit www.gcbbank.com.gh




There are a lot you need to know before accessing a loan from a bank or any loan institution. For more information about GCC loan for government workers, call their customer care on +233 302 681 531.



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