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You will learn how to apply for and obtain a student loan in Ghana in this article. You must enroll in a tertiary institution in Ghana before you may apply for a student loan there. These institutions that provide loans collaborate closely with tertiary institutions. Additionally, students may apply for the Tertiary Education Trust Fund.

Documents required for a Student Loan

Students who are interested in a loan to study abroad must submit the following documents.

  1. Properly completed application form.
  2. Two photos the size of a passport.
  3. Know Your Customer (KYC) documents, such as proofs of identification, residency, and age.
  4. A duplicate of the last exam’s passing score report or certificate.
  5. Evidence of enrollment in both the university and the course.
  6. Budget for course costs
  7. A copy of the scholarship letter is required if you were awarded one.
  8. A copy of your foreign exchange permit.
  9. Bank account history for the borrower, their parents, or their guardians over the last six months.
  10. Income tax assessments from the borrower’s, parents’, or guardians’ last two years.
  11. For loans with collateral, specifics regarding the offered security must be provided.
  12. Additionally, an advocate’s search and report regarding your property’s marketability, financing capability, etc., may be requested.
  13. It is necessary to show where the margin came from.

The following documents might be supplied by students looking for a loan to pay for their domestic studies.

  1. Application form that has been properly filled out.
  2. Two passport-size pictures.
  3. Graduation certificates, secondary school certificates, high school certificates, or grade reports
  4. Know Your Customer (KYC) papers, such as ID, address, and age verification.
  5. Income Documentation with Parental or Guardian Signature
  6. Documentation for mobile property and fixed deposits if the collateral is required (FDs).
student loans in Ghana
Student loans in Ghana

How to register for a student loan?

You must do the following in order to finish the application process:

  1. All necessary and pertinent supporting papers should be uploaded.
  2. Check the details of your application.
  3. The program will ask you to download and upload all of the Agreement documents.
  4. At the nearby campus or zonal offices, submit your biometric fingerprint.

Apply for Students Loan in Ghana

  1. Go to to access the SLTF website.
  2. Click the link to submit a loan application.
  3. Observe common guidelines when completing forms online.
  4. The summary pages of your Loan Application Form should be printed.
  5. The Guarantor Deed and Students Loan Agreement documents should be printed out and filled out.
  6. At any SSNIT branch office, have your fingerprints and your guarantor’s fingerprints taken as well.
  7. Include copies of the following documents:
    i. A letter of admission and a student ID card.
    ii. SSNIT reference number or SSNIT ID number.
    iii. E-zwich card (both sides).
  8. Send two original copies of the duly filled-out forms, along with copies of the supporting documentation, to the appropriate SLTF Campus Office.

How to apply for student loans online?

  1. Register online. For the online application form, go to the Student Loan Application website.
  2. Give the representative your response.
  3. Confirmation of Loan Approval is received.
  4. Provide The Required Documents.

How to Repay Your Student Loan?

  1. Periodic deductions made by the beneficiary’s employer from his or her salary.
  2. Direct remittances on a regular basis from beneficiaries who are not employed by any company to the SLTF.
  3. Payment in full of the loan balance plus any accrued interest.

Interest Rate of the Student Loan

You must pay 12% interest on loans that are being repaid through the Student Loan Trust Fund. You are qualified for the interest fee waiver, nevertheless, if you will be able to pay the entire amount after your schooling is complete. Only the loan that has been advanced to you will be repaid, interest-free.


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