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Ghana offers loans to the unemployed. People who are unemployed are subject to the same financial obligations as those who are employed. Some people decide to get personal loans to cover some of their needs or even acquire a business loan to develop their enterprises, etc. However, you can also get other loans from financial institutions for a variety of purposes.

The list of loans available to unemployed Ghanaians will be examined in this post. Due to the terms of the loan agreement, the borrower must pay interest on the principal amount borrowed as compensation to the lender for providing the loan to the borrower, which increases the amount borrowed initially.

List Of Loans For Unemployed In Ghana

1. Ahomka Loan

Another lending product that MTN provides is the Ahomka Loan. The MTN Xpress Loan and the ones before it are remarkably similar to this one. The Ahomka Loan, on the other hand, has a baseline tenure of 90 days and is intended to help those in need of money over a longer period of time.

A simple process of dialing *170# and sending is all that is required to obtain a loan. The next step is to choose Ahomka loan under financial services. Your MOMO account will receive payment of the funds.

2. MTN Xpress Loan

Select MTN customers who have been utilizing the mobile money service can apply for the MTN Xpress Loan.

To utilize this service, simply enter the USSD code *170# into your phone. Money will then be delivered to your MOMO account, which you can then withdraw at a MOMO agent nearby or transfer to your bank account and then withdraw as cash.

3. Vodafone Cash Ready Loan

A service provided by Vodafone is the Vodafone Cash Ready Loan. You can borrow from your mobile network operator using this service, which is quite well-liked in Ghana. The funds are deposited into your Vodafone cash account, where you may immediately transfer them to your bank account.

Loans For Unemployed In Ghana
Loans For Unemployed In Ghana

4. Fido Money Lending

In Ghana, the Fido Money Lending Company is a financial organization with a complete license to offer financial services. People who require these loans can download the app and register on it by downloading it first.

The loans are provided on a step-by-step basis without the need for security, with the applicant receiving a small loan on his first application and a larger loan on his subsequent applications.

5. Airtel Tigo Money

Airtel Tigo Money is a service offered by the mobile phone provider. With this, it is possible to quickly obtain a loan to cover any scenario and avoid being caught off guard.

The Airtel Tigo Money service is only available to Airtel subscribers, and there are specialized agents all across the nation who provide assistance with using it as well as cashing loans.

6. Advans Ghana

A microfinance company called Advans Ghana offers a variety of loans to unemployed people in Ghana as well as to many other kinds of people, such as employees and owners of small and medium-sized businesses.

To pick up a form from this organization, which has numerous offices across the country, one would need to walk into a nearby branch.

7. Zidisha Loan

Zidisha is an online community for microloans that links borrowers and borrowers without the use of middlemen. Anyone who has the Zidisha app, a valid ID, and a good reputation based on referrals from friends and family is eligible to apply for a loan through Zidisha.

8. PayLater Loans

PayLater is an Accra-based marketplace for private lenders that offers smart cash loans in Ghana using its app. After submitting an application, one gets an immediate deposit of the loan. As soon as an application is authorized, it is received in 5 minutes after the applicant creates an account with the app and fills out the form with their basic information.

9. Kiakia Loan

The Kiakia P2P Software is a loan finance tool that enables you to pay for, buy, and also earn attention. Their attention earnings range from a few percent to forty percent. You can invest in a loan or firm on a quarterly, biennially, or annual basis.

To complete the procedure, all you have to do is go to the new Kiakia Financing webpages, choose the “Rating A loan” option, and a simple form will be made available to you to fill out.

10. Orbit Funds

Orbit Currency Lending was a financial organization in Ghana that offers cash advances to those who were jobless during the Washington loan period. People can obtain financing for things like funeral bills, school expenditures, leasing commissions, and medical expenses.


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