This is a comprehensive article on Glico health insurance. It covers all you need to know about this health insurance scheme, available packages, service providers, premiums, hospitals, contact numbers and other policies.

There are several health insurance companies in Ghana. One of them providing amazing offers to clients is GLICO Health.


About GLICO Health Insurance

Formerly known as the Gemini Healthcare, this health insurance scheme was instituted by the GLICO group. It was established in 2004 after the National Health Insurance Act, 2003 (Act 650) was enacted.

They operate a private health insurance scheme aimed at providing a comprehensive medical and health insurance solution to individuals and organizations in Ghana.

The primary objective of this health insurance scheme is to offer the Ghanaian public a quality health care by avenue of registered and reputable service providers who have partnered with the scheme.

Different categories of health insurance have partnered GLICO to make this possible. Some of these health facilities include private hospitals, clinics, public/government hospitals, CHAG hospitals, mission hospitals (Pentecost, Methodist, etc.), optical centres, dental clinics and pharmacies.

To enable the scheme grow and sustain, the company is equipped with knowledgeable team members, effective and efficient information management system and a health financial portfolio.


Mission of GLICO health insurance

GLICO has a mission to dominate and lead the private health insurance industry in Ghana by offering quality, cost friendly and accessible healthcare through reputable service providers across the nation.


Who is GLICO health insurance for?

This insurance package is designed for companies, families and individuals looking for a go-to health insurance service to subscribe to.

If you are looking give your employees health insurance benefits, you can enroll them onto the GLICO health insurance service.

If the government’s national health insurance scheme is not meeting your health insurance needs, you can sign for the GLICO health insurance by visiting the nearest GLICO offices or getting in touch with them using the contact details below.


GLICO Health Insurance Service Providers/Hospitals

GLICO Healthcare has partnered with over seven hundred service providers across the country. This makes the service accessible in almost every part of Ghana. See the list of service providers below:

  • Trust Hospital
  • Medlab
  • Nyaho Clinic
  • Life Health Medical & Dental Clinic
  • Life Health Dental Care
  • The Mall Pharmacy
  • Claron Health Services
  • Medimart Pharmacy
  • Total House Clinic
  • Third Eye Care And Vision Centre Limited
  • Sunshine Diagnostic Centre
  • Claron Health International –Dental Services
  • Bedita Pharmacy
  • Diagnostic Centre Limited
  • Worldview Pharmacy
  • M’s Dental
  • University Of Ghana Hospital
  • Zoe Dental Centre
  • Van-J Optical Services.
  • Bedita Pharmacy
  • East Cantonement Pharmacy -Dzorwulu Br
  • Odorna Clinic
  • Robert & Sons
  • Swan Clinic & Medical Laboratory
  • Sanford World Clinics
  • Adenta Clinic Limited
  • Hag Medical Centre
  • Advocate Healthcare Limited
  • Fening Clinic
  • Vision Hospital
  • Pentecost Hospital
  • Esidem Hospital
  • North Legon Hospital
  • Akcess Dental Clinic
  • Mini Clinic
  • Dangme West Hospital Complex
  • Manna Mission Hospital
  • Mds-Lancet Laboratories
  • Danpong Clinic
  • Spintex Community Hospital
  • Rophi Health Centre
  • Dziram Eye Centre
  • Dashen Optician
  • Eye Empire
  • Medimart Pharmacy
  • Lotus Optical
  • East Airport Pharmacy
  • Danpong Pharmacy
  • Kwarteng Medical Centre
  • Life Healthcare Medical Clinic
  • Christian Medical Center
  • Life Healthcare Dental Clinic
  • Narh-Bita Hospital
  • Narh-Bita Hospital – Dental
  • New Crystal Hospital
  • Bengali Hospital
  • Mds-Lancet Laboratories
  • Lena Health Services Ltd
  • Lexley Pharmacy
  • Top Pill Pharmacy
  • Medimart Pharmacy
  • Top Up Pharmacy
  • Tema Dental Clinic
  • Krispat Ear Centre
  • Port Dental Clinic
  • Neptune Medical Centre
  • Matell Chemist
  • Greenville Hospital
  • Fz Safety & Health Centre
  • Mount Carmel Hospital & Fertility Centre
  • 25 Community Medical Centre
  • Roatina Pharmacy
  • Omari Medical Centre
  • Chario Medical Centre
  • New Crystal Hospital
  • Darbem Clinic
  • Trinity Community Hospital
  • Suncity Medical Centre
  • Dentoc Dental Clinic – Ashiaman
  • Imprexion Eye Care
  • Dosty Pharmacy
  • Dome Community Hospital
  • The Community Hospital
  • A & A Medlove Medical Centre
  • Glenof Maternity & Family Hospital
  • Innes Eye And Visioncare Center
  • Aneeja Clinic
  • Acp Clinic
  • Unimed Clinic & Pharmacy Limited
  • King David Hospital
  • Medmart Pharmac
  • Lapaz Community Hospital
  • Sight For Africa
  • Blessing Clinic
  • Lake Side Clinic
  • Golden Age Medical Centre
  • Godly Favoured Eye Care Centre
  • Emmanuel Community Hospital
  • Delcielo Optical Services
  • Kaneshie Medical Centre
  • Amasha Partners Ltd
  • Theresa Clinic
  • Pnt Pharmacy
  • Optimum Medical Clinic
  • A & S Specialist Dental Clinic
  • Pills Pharmaceuticals Limited
  • 6/6 Vision Opthalmic Opticians

For full list of partnered hospitals CLICK HERE to download the PDF.


GLICO Health Insurance Packages

There are six major packages available on the GLICO health insurance scheme. They are:

  • Standard package

This package covers a relatively low premium and service providers. Services covered under this package include general practitioner and specialist consultations, prescription-only drugs, laboratory tests, X-RAYS, dental coverage, eye care, medical and surgery treatment and in-hospital treatment.

Package covers both out-patient in-patient care.

  • Enhanced package

The Enhanced Package, like the Standard Package, provides cover for both out-patient and in-patient care.

This package covers relatively higher premium as compared to the first (standard) package. When you subscribe to this package, you get a relatively higher annual benefit limits, ambulance service coverage, herbal medicines coverage and other benefits in the standard package.

  • Enhanced plus package

In addition to all the services in the first two packages above, the enhanced plus package covers specialist dentistry (root canal treatment and periodontal treatment), speech therapy/audiology, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and chiropractic as well as the use of special health facilities like Nyaho Clinic, Trust Hospital, Medlab, among others.

  • Ultimate package

This package covers all the benefits in the listed packages above. On top of that subscribers get coverage for prosthetics and services from these accredited special health facilities: Euracare, Akai House Clinic, Lister Hospital, etc.

  • Platinum package and Platinum plus package

These two packages have the highest benefits as compared to all other packages. You don’t only get a country-wide coverage but Africa, India, and Europe. Subscribed members may also access any service provider in Ghana, including Akai House, Lister Hospital, Child and Associates, Platinum Dental, and beyond.

Aside all the benefits listed above, GLICO Health staffs get an exclusive offer to attend health seminars organized annually/bi-annually.

Other packages


  • GLICO Student Health Plan
  • GLICO Sunkwa Health Plan
  • GLICO Tourist Health Plan
  • GLICO Family & Individual Health Plan

GLICO Health Premiums

For those with little or no knowledge, an insurance premium is the amount of money one pays for an insurance policy.


How to sign up

Download the member application form from the link below. Thank you.


Contact GLICO Health Insurance

Physical Address: #47, Kwame Nkrumah Ave, Accra

Working Hours: Mondays to Fridays, 7am to 5pm GMT.

Contact Number: 0261 589 926 / 020 222 2113

Official website:

Email: [email protected]


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