Ecobank Treasury Bill

Treasury bill rates in Ghana have been a question many new investors ask. In this post, we are going to make known to you all you need to know about the Treasury rate in Ghana in general.

Specifically, we are going to highlight Ecobank Ghana’s current Treasury bill rate.


What is a Treasury Bill?

It is a short-term investment organized by the government of Ghana through the Central Bank (Bank of Ghana).

Note that the Bank of Ghana does not sell treasury bills as investments to individuals directly but rather does that through primary dealers.

The primary dealers are the banks and other licensed financial institutions.

Like other dealers/banks, the Ecobank Treasury bill has 3 main durations. They are:

  • 91 days treasury bill
  • 182 days treasury bill
  • One-year note treasury bill

When you purchase a treasury bill, you basically are locking up your funds for the duration of the investment. It could be 91, 182 or 365 days.

Your money will be with the government through the Central Bank for that duration.


Why Buy Treasury Bill?

The primary purpose of a Treasury Bill is to earn interest on the amount invested.

The rate is almost the same for all the banks. This is because it is a uniform rate that banks pay. However, there could be only marginal differences between banks.


Ecobank Ghana Treasure Bill Rate

Ecobank Ghana treasury bill rate is calculated based on the rates obtained from a recent auction. You’ll be updated on the rate before purchase.

However, the average treasure interest rate in Ghana is between 20% – 35%. According to the Bank of Ghana, the current interest rate on a 91-day treasury bill is 32.67%.

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How much money is needed to buy Ecobank Treasury Bill?

In most financial institutions, a minimum of GHS 500.00 is needed to buy treasury bills in Ghana.

Things to note

  • The rate is uniform irrespective of the amount invested. That is, the investor can’t negotiate for a higher rate based on the money invested.
  • The government pays your interest upfront. Thus, the interest will be paid to you at the time that you begin the investment. Your principal is then paid to you after the investment time is up.

Basically, you earn the interest now against the principal that you will receive at the end of the investment.

  • You can roll over after maturity or just take the whole principal. A rollover means that you are reinvesting your principal after the investment is due.
  • It is risk-free since it’s backed by the government.


You can subscribe to Ecobank’s treasury bill by visiting the nearest branch or just dialing *770# on your phone (TBILL4ALL) to sign up.


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