Ecobank Xpress Account

Are you planning of banking at Ecobank Ghana? Well, this post will be helpful as it will make known to you all the relevant information about the Ecobank Xpress account.

What is an Ecobank Xpress Account?

The primary aim of the Xpress Account is to make account opening at the bank easier. Xpress Account from Ecobank is simply one that allows you to create a fully functional bank account from the comfort of your home or office using your smartphone.

Ecobank Xpress Account is an instant digital account or wallet with minimum information. With this account, you can withdraw or deposit money into your account from a designated Ecobank Xpress Point.

What is an Xpress Point?

There are approved Ecobank agents that allow account holders to perform simple banking transactions without having to visit the bank. For more information about where to locate the nearest Xpress Point click HERE 


How does this account work?

This account works just like a normal savings account. You can perform the following transactions using the Ecobank Xpress Account.

  • Buy airtime
  • Pay bill
  • Transfer money
  • Withdraw money from ATM or Xpress Agent Point
  • Perform Ecobank Pay using QR code
  • Request money from friends on Xpress Accounts

Other uses of the Xpress Account

  • Request and manage debit and virtual cards
  • Manage loans
  • Request full bank statements
  • Contact Ecobank through the app


Bonus info: you can invite friends using a referral code to earn commissions. Get your referral link via the app.


The interest rate on Ecobank Xpress Account

We have no information about the interest rate on Xpress accounts. Call Ecobank Ghana or visit the nearest branch for more details.


Ecobank Xpress Account Short Code

*326# is the USSD code to access Ecobank’s Xpress Account. All Xpress Account transactions that are performed on the app can be done using the USSD code. Note that sometimes the code doesn’t work. For more information, contact the nearest Ecobank branch.


Why do you need this account?

  • open a fully-fledged Ecobank account from your phone
  • No referees required
  • No paperworks
  • Avoid joining long queues
  • No service charges involved


How to open Ecobank Xpress Account

You don’t need to visit the bank branch or an agent. Follow the steps below:

  1. Head on to the Apple Store or Google Playstore
  2. Search for and download the Ecobank mobile app
  3. Follow the quick onboarding steps
  4. Tap on create account
  5. Select Xpress Account
  6. Key in your telephone number
  7. An OTP message will be sent to the number provided
  8. Enter the code you received and tap continue
  9. Fill in all required details (First, middle, and last name, date of birth, email, gender
  10. Tap continue to proceed
  11. Select ID card type
  12. Enter your ID card number
  13. Enter the date of issue
  14. Enter your address
  15. Tap on create a profile
  16. The account has been created successfully. Create your 6-digit PIN code
  17. Select a security question and provide an answer
  18. Enter referral code if any
  19. Enable biometrics (fingerprint or face ID). Skip if your phone does not support any.
  20. Verify your ID card

Congratulations, you’ve successfully created an Ecobank Xpress account. Start transacting.


Depositing money into your Xpress Account

You can make a deposit only by visiting any Xpress Point Agent.


How to send money to yourself or someone

  1. Open the mobile app
  2. Tap on Transfer
  3. Select Mobile Money
  4. Select a beneficiary from your contact
  5. Select network provider
  6. Enter beneficiary name
  7. Tap continue
  8. Enter a 6-digit PIN to approve the transaction


Questions about Ecobank Xpress Account

What is Ecobank Xpress Account Limit?

You’re limited to GHS 5000.00 per transaction. To enjoy higher transaction limits and services, you need to upgrade your account.


Is Ecobank Xpress Account Plus the same as Xpress Account?

No, the Xpress Account Plus is an upgraded form of the Xpress Account. You can upgrade your account through the app.

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