Students Loan Trust Fund Ghana Scam Alert To Ghanaians

The internet is large and we are in a global village to learn from each other, and here is more about Students Loan Trust Fund Ghana Scam Alert To Ghanaians.

In the world of possibilities, many people can make use of any single opportunity to scam persons anytime. As an applicant to the Student Loan Trust Fund Ghana, you should be always careful with the activities of fraudsters that are posing as Student Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) employees.

Today on Loans In Ghana, we take the lead to educate the general public — that is Ghanaians about staying alert and being careful about scams by fraudsters.

Importance Notice

The Student Loan Trust Fund (SLTF), wishes to inform all loan applicants that, no fees are charged by the SLTF for processing of loan applications. Applicants are advised to deal only with officials of the Fund and are at no point required to make any payments for the service.

Please note that the SLTF does not operate a protocol system

Loan applications should be filled and submitted only on the official website.

Please visit the SLTF website ( for a list of all official phone numbers, including our zonal offices across the country.

Borrowers who are making payments are advised to use only SLTF approved repayment channels on our website.

Kindly call 030 2751020 for more information, or to report any acts of extortion.

Issued by the Student Loan Trust Fund


To summarize, whenever an applicant applies for a Student loan, the applicant for the loan from the Students Loan Trust Fund (SLTF) wait and expect their loans to be paid to them within two weeks of submission of completed loan application form. This assures that, the loan application form has been properly completed and all relevant supporting documents attached to the application.

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