Acacia health insurance is one of the best private health insurance companies in Ghana. when it comes to incurring your medical expenses, just look out for acacia health insurance and secure your medical expenses.

In this article, we will take a look at hospitals that accepts acacia health insurance. This company is a private commercial health insurance company registered under the law of Ghana which has the legal right to operate for the benefit of their members. There are special products designed to suit every member of the scheme, whether you are an employee, individual or corporate organization. This product is to relieve you of all administrative issues related to staff healthcare and help you focus on your business core values.



Acacia Medical Center 0303-964678 / 0303-964631 No. 41a Ambassadorial Enclave East Legon
37 Military Hospital 0302-777397 Neghelli Baracks-37
G2 Laboratory 020-7736761/024-4370246 Near 37 roundabout
6/6 Vision Opthalmic Optician 0264653654/024-4653654 Near 37 roundabout
Cathedral Clinic & Laboratory 0302-665158/0302-667957 Accra Central
Life Healthcare (Supercareplus, supercare&Premiercare only) 028-9547929 Inside Accra Shopping Mall
Life Dental Clinic 028-9547929 Inide Accra Shopping Mall
Airport Clinic Ltd (Supercareplus, supercare, premiercare only) 0302-764986-9/766974 Kotoka International Airport
St. Lukes Clinic(Supercareplus & Supercare only) 030-2775405 Airport Residential Area
Nyaho Medical. Centre (Supercareplus & Supercare only) 775341/775291/ 784505 35 Aviation Rd, Airport
Midway Clinic 0302-400988/400379 Near Achimota School, Achimota
Urgentcare Hospital 028-7067462 New Achimota
Excell Dental 024-4280274/ 026-2280274 Achimota new stn near shell filling stn
Amasha Partners 024-3625672 Achimota, old station Rd
Lucy Memorial Hospital 020-2458610/0204687603 South Ofankor
St. John’s Hospital & Fertility Centre 0302-2409224/0501282255 Tantra Hills interchange
Tantra Community Clinic (Premiercare, Supercare&Supercareplus) 020-6301512 Tantra Hills
Swan Clinic & Med. Lab 774809/764144/502036 Ritz Jxn., Adenta
Oracare Dental Clinic 020-897057 Adenta Mall
Adenta Pharmacy 0302-2900692/027-7263621 Adenta
Crystal Eye Clinic 028-9534277/0302-514722/3 Adenta down
Fresh Luk Eye Centre Adenta
Adenta Clinic 024-4388241 Adenta
Trust Clinic (supercareplus, supercare only) 030-2761974-8 Adenta Mall
Sandford World Clinic 024-4986254 Adenta Ritz junction
Dua Clinic(Supercareplus&Supercare only) 030-2227678 C914/3 5th Crescent, Asylum Dn.
Delcielo Optical Services 0302-227785/024-6098340 Ring rd central inbtween UBA&Ecobank
Omega Opticians 026-2154500/024-4665290 5th close asylum down round abt
Real Wellness Clinic 020-8165365 Asylum down
Robert & Sons 054-7993647 Kojo Thompsom Rd
Health Screen Ghana 020-4598700/0244273345 Adabraka, before patholab
Odorna Clinic 0302-220046 Adama Avenue, Adabraka
Bob Freeman 0302-682834 Adabraka
Patholab Solutions Ltd 027-4733051/024-4239624 368/2, Watson Ave. Adabraka
Citadel Clinic 024-0155559 Alajo and Nii Boi Town
Samalla Clinic 0302-910056 / 331380 New Gbawe
Mary- Lucy Hospital 020-2458610/020-4687603 Awoshie last stop
Attu Clinic 0302-663786 Odorkor Official Town
Brazza Maternity Home & Clinic 054-9771495 Kwashieman
Eric Heyman Memorial Clinic 024-4954664 Odorkor
Lister Hospital (Supercareplus only) 0303-409030/1 Airport Hills
Egon German Hospital (Supercareplus,Supercare &Premiercare) 030-2775772/020-8237815 No. 108 Yiyiwa Drive, Abelenkpe
Accra Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic 030-2774146 127/21, Saflo Link, Abelemkpe
Elite Dental Services 024-4706156/0302-774164 No. 2 Saflo Link-Abelempke
Eye Link Clinic Abelempke
Philip Mem Clinic 0302 768681/ 0244 327520 12 Adembra Road, East cantonment
All Souls Clinic 024-4252183 North Labone
Wellness Laboratory 0302-767370/71/72/024-4275649 Behind Police H/Quarters
Akai House(supercareplus only) 0302-784772 Near American Embassy
North Labone Dental 0302-775471 Near Wangara Hotel
Medifem Hospital (Supercareplus & Supercare only) 026-4051333 Dzorwulu
NM’s Dental Clinic 0302-771580 Dzorwulu
Baeta Memorial Clinic 0302-777822/ 0244705459 Dzorwulu
Martins Hospital (Supercare&Supercareplus only) 020-9200832 Dzorwulu
Van-J Eye Care 028-8261558 Dzorwulu next to Medifem hospt
Superior Medical Centre 0302-400328 Dome
Otobia Memorial Hospital 024-4110636/024-0258861 Dome, pillar 2
The Community Hospital & Dental 0302-927155/61 Musuku – Ashongman Estate
Lapaz Community Hospital Annex 030-2414167 /2417891 Kisseman after golf park
Medifem Hospital (Supercareplus & Supercare only) 026-4051333 Westlands
Randy Heath Services 024-3643692 Agboba, top herbal road
Innes eye & vision centre 0302-519384/020-8956779 Haatso, opp. Total filling station
Eye Express 0302-901478/9 Kwabenya Point 1
International Healthcare Centre 024-3362447/027-3252898 Haatso ecomog
The Specialist Hospital (Supercareplus, Supercare, premiercare) 0302-300599/020-2110222 Dansoman
Opokuware Hospital 024-4965294 Dansoman
1st Foundation Clinic 024-4146767/020-8155393 Dansoman Mkt
Vicom Specialist Hospital 0302-300899 Dansoman
Poku Dental Clinic 0302-222609 Dansoman-Sakama high street
Karikari Brobbey Hospital 0302-668446/ 308446 Agege Last Stop, Mamprobi
MDS Lancet 050-4101156 Dansoman roundabt
Primecare Medical Centre 0302-315843/024-4634823 Kaneshie first light mataheko road
Van-J Eye Care 028-8261558 Dansoman last stop
North Western Eye Clinic 024-4257345 Mataheko
Acacia Medical Centre (All Plans Accessible) 0303-964678/31 Ambassadorial enclave, Justice E Sowah St-East legon
Ghana-Canada Med. Cent. (Supercareplus,Supercare) 0302-521439 Manor Valley, Adjiringano, Accra
Emmanuel Eye Centre 0302 500578, 500778 Hse/no 2 Adamafio Link
Primary Peadiatric Clinic (Supercareplus & Supercare only) 028-2222017/024-3544066 Inside A&C Mall
Twumasiwaa Memorial Clinic(Supercareplus,supercare&premiercare) 0302-518933/4 East Legon, ARS Taxi
Obaatan pa Women’s Hospital(Supercareplus&supercare only) 057-0370546 Near Miklin Hospital
Rinat Clinic 027-5230237 East Legon-adjiringanor
MDS Lancet East Legon
White dental clinic 0302-518577/518677 East Legon near A&C Shopping mall
Jacob dental centre & services ltd 0302-785428 / 518883 A&C Shopping Mall
The Mall Clinic 030-2518886 A/C Shopping Mall
Life Pharmacy Inside A&C Mall
3M&C Laboratory Inside A&C Mall
The Diagnostic Centre 0302-30211940/020-5695538 Behind Emmanuel Eye Centre
Healthlink Consulting (Supercareplus & Supercare only) 024-4317177 East legon
Health Allianz Clinic 024-8601282 East legon, Agiringanor
Bemuah Hospital 023-3663636 East Legon
Yeboah Hospital 0302-985417 Shiashi rd, opp police stn-east legon
Cocoa Clinic 0302 – 229265/34 Near Bubiashie Roundabout
Highway Dental Clinic 024-2111958 Inside Melcomplus building comm 1
Global Laboratory 024-4697946/020-3973332 North Kaneshie-opp mothers in
Cerica Diagnostic Services 0240973318/0204360663 Larterbiokoshie, opp. Ama
Lighthouse Mission Hospital (Supercareplus,supercare&premier) 0302-235710 Behind Lighthouse Complex
Lakeside Clinic 0302-230496/0302-253902 Mokose Link, North Industrial Area
Eden Family Hospital 0302-224984 North Kaneshie Off St. Theresa’s Rd
Amasha Partners 0302- 7012386/764582 North Kaneshie Off St. Theresa’s Rd
Chase Opticals 020-6327446 North Kaneshie opp. cocoa clinic
Megavest Medical Centre 0302-243156 North Kaneshie, Pt 4
Delcielo Optical Services 0302- 313822/027-4428035 Near the small footbridge-Kaneshie
Van-J Eye Care 030-7070043 Melcom plus building industrial area
Korle-bu Teaching Hospital Pls report at health insurance depart. Kole-bu
Barnor Hospital (Medicare Ltd) 024-4207819/0302-307865 Larterbiokoshie
Cerica Diagnostic Services 027-401226/0240973318/0204360663 Larterbiokoshie, opp. Ama
Proximal Healthcare Services 026-7633116 Laterbiokohie
Ashtee Pharmacy 024-3408493 Laterbiokohie
Joana Clinic 0302-664745/ 0302-233835 Faanofaa Road, Kokomlemle
Ankam Medicure Centre 0302-235044/028-7310460 Nyamekye
Lapaz Community Hospital 020-8139724 Lapaz & Kisseman
Ark Clinic & Laboratory 0302-941734/026-8427554 Lapaz, behind old abrantie
MAB Medical Centre 024-3409715 Nyamekye
MAB International Hospital 0302-243156 Nyamekye
Godly Favioured Optical Centre 0302-241513/028-98241513 Lapaz, Stand. Chartered Building
Highway Dental Clinic 024-2111958 Fadama
Zeba eye clinic 0302-735272/020-0926696 Labadi
Amasha Partners 0302- 7012386/764582 Opp. Trade Fair
Primecare clinic & medical lab 0244263086/020-8191187 la opposite the trade fair
SnS Healthcare Services 020-8411941 La behind trade fair
Sunshine Diagnostics 0302-730683/026-3006786 La-beach road
Esidem Hospital 020-8161953/024-46469901 IPS-ARS Road, Madina Estate
Jacob dental centre & services ltd 0302-785428 / 518883 Madina Market
Alpha Medical Center (Pentecost Hospital) 030-2508396/5030254 Madina Estates
Randy Pharmacy 028-9601401 Madina
Passion Clinic 020-8509930 Madina
Dela Clinic 024-4236148 Madina, redco estate
Esidem Hospital 020-8161953/024-46469901 Mamobi
Highway Dental & Medical Laboratory 024-2111958 Mamobi
North Legon Hospital 0302 – 506666 North Legon
Pill & Tabs Pharmacy 0302 517458 Legon near UG main entrance
Cedars Medical Centre 024-4234116 Ecomog-haatso
Randy Physotherapy Centre Abogba
Akcess Dental Clinic 024-4819486/020-6301296 North Legon
Rose Eye Clinic 020-8153894 North Legon, Agbogba-powerland
Total House Clinic 024-4631775 Mobile House
G2 Laboratory 020-7736761/024-4370246 Kanda
Trust Hospital (Supercareplus, Supercare only) 0302-761974-7 Oxford St. Osu
Accra Medical Centre (Supercareplus only) 0303-964631/0303-964678 Ground floor, 161 Ringway, Osu
Swan Clinic & Med. Lab 774809/764144/ 2636/502036 Osu, opp. Kingdom Bks & Stationery
Rabito Clinic 0302-777465 No. 10 Osu Link
Nuffield Clinic Ghana Ltd 0302-229289 / 0208112100 Osu near former American Embassy
Robert & Sons 054-7993647 Osu
VRA Hospital 024-3358606/0302-776427 Osu near the Christian Council of Ghana building
Inter Star Eye Clinic (Supercareplus, Supercare & Premiercare only) 0302-783832 Osu
Robert & Sons 054-7993647 Osu-Dankwa, next to glory oil
Jacob dental centre & services ltd 0302-785428 / 518883 Osu ring road estate
La road dental Osu, opp. Osu police station
Knight Smile Dental Centre 0302-763983 44 Adjoate street-osu opp don’s place
Charisma Dental Clinic 0302-782431 Osu, Oxford Street
Spaes Dental 028-9109198 Osu
Malwin Dental 020-2016730 Osu
The Optical Centre 0302 -772223 Lokko Road Osu
M&D Clinic 0302-939939/ Medie opp Agya Appiah bitters
Robert & Sons 054-7993647 Spintex Rd
Danpong Hospital 0302-810479/028-5116377 Spintex-Baatsona
Empire Eye Centre 020-2598616 Spintex- Lashibi
Chase Opticals 020-2400627 Spintex-Inside melcomplus building
Robert Martins Children’s Clinic 0302-811070 Baatsona, No.7 Second Ave.
Inkoom Hospital (Supercareplus, Supercare & Premiercare only) 0302-811070 Spintex, Opp. Coastal Est.
Dziram eye Centre 0302-815428/ 0244716347 Off-Spintex Road, Manste Okle Rd
Jetexcel Eye Consult 020-4688277 Spintex
Efan Victory Clinic 026-4435542/0543617318 Baatsonaa-Adogono Road
Trust Clinic (supercareplus,supercare only) 0302-761974/0302-761977 Sakumono SSNIT Flat
Jubail Specialist Hospital(supercareplus,supercare&premiercare) 0303-401167/024-3253716 Sakumono celebrity
Sakumono Community Hospital(Supercareplus,supercare&premier 020-3797153 Sakumono
Hobats Clinic 0302-220833 Tesano
Blessings Clinic Ltd 0302-235696/020-8227003 Tesano
Manna Mission Hospital 0302- 716054 Teshie
Family Health Hospital 0302- 718445 / 024-7406223 Teshie – opp. Kofi Annan Military TR.
Global Laboratory 026-2778573 Teshie near Lekma Hospital
New Crystal Medical Centre 026-6291476/024-3588807 Ashaiman near lorry station
Aspnyo Memorial Clinic 026-6291476 Ashaiman, near st. Mary Int.
Nadela Hospital 028-9510014/020-8414070 Bethlehem, Afianya rd, after barrier
Narh Bita Hospital 0303-204425/ 0303-202720 Community 4, Tema
Joefiko Pharmacy Ltd 0303-206813 / 0244-642125 Comm. 4, Konadu shopping complex
Lagoon Hospital 024-6447706 Tema comm. 1
Port Medical Centre 0303-206879 / 0303-206343 Tema coom 1
Port Dental Clinic 024-4729133 Tema comm 1
Premier dental Clinic Tema industrail area
Trust Clinic (supercareplus,supercare only) 0303-212992 Inside SSNIT building, comm 2
Fiden Hospital 0303-202579 Comm 2-Adom FM Road
Jireh eye clinic Ltd 024-3332453 Tema Meridian – Comm. 1
Van-J Eye Care 026-3100509 Melcom plus building industrial area
Sineel Specialist Hospital (Supercareplus & Supercare only) 0303-206533 Tema Comm. 5
Empat-Qaiquo Medical Centre 020-0337174/024-693428 Tema comm 6 
Smile Dental 020-8110174 Comm. 6
Robert & Sons 054-7993647 Comm. 6
COY Peadiatric Practice (Supercareplus,Supercare&premiercare) 020-6301342 Comm 6
Adom Medical Laboratory 0303 – 204232 Akorley road, comm. 5, Tema
Tema Christian Eye Centre 054-1717819 Opp. Adom Lab-Tema
MDS Lancet 026-9602499 Opp. Tema general hospt
Bethel Hospital 0303-305048/9 Hosp. Rd, Cty 9, Tema
Sompa Childrens Hospital 028-5075897 Tema comm 10
Tema Womens Hospital (Supercareplus only) 024-4776093 Tema comm 10
Rabito Clinic 054-3115551/0303-216481 Tema comm 10
Krispat Ear Centre 024-4675962 Tema Comm 10
Raphal Medical Centre ( Supercareplus&Supercare ) 0303-212639 Tema comm. 10
Bengali Hospital 0303-302626/ 0303-3026444 Comm. 11
Nuptune Medical Centre 0303-413950 Tema comm. 20
New Crystal Medical Centre 026-6291476/024-3588807 Micheal Camp Road
Atlantic Hospital 026-1339237 Tema golf city
Central Kasoa Clinic 0302-862767/8 Behind Total Filling Station, Kasoa
Central Kasoa Dental Clinic
Finney Hospital (Supercareplus, supercare) 0302-2851702/0302-2851703 Mile 11, new bortianor
Mount Venom Hospital 024-8816622/03039-37005 New weija-Sampa Valley
Justab Clinic & Maternity 0302-862611 Kasoa
Akubba Memorial Clinic 0302-941707/024-4562830 No. 66 blue top estate-Kasoa
PNT Pharmacy 026-7141371 Weija opposite Shopping Mall
Ampofo Clinic 024-3735210 Opekuma
Comprehensivecare Ltd 020-1563987 Kasoa



Garden street near AnC  mall East Legon



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