Izwe savings and loan

Izwe Loans provides customers with adaptable and simple financial solutions so they can improve their lives.

You can get a loan from Izwe Loans if you urgently need money to cover a personal obligation or financial requirement. Some of these wants can includes not having enough money to maintain your business or to pay for your schooling, among many other demands you might have.

However, the terms of a loan determine when you must make payback. It is crucial to understand all the specifics of your loan payback conditions. This article covers every detail of Izwe loan requirements, application procedures, and other information.


About Izwe Savings and Loan

Izwe Savings and Loans Plc, a non-bank financial institution in Ghana, was established in 2011. It offers services tailored to the needs of individuals from all walks of life, including entrepreneurs, traders, teachers, soldiers, healthcare professionals, business owners, and any small to medium-sized enterprise.

It also specializes in personal finance loans, business loans, asset-backed finance, savings & investment, and asset-backed finance.

Izwe Savings & Loans
Izwe Savings & Loans

Izwe Savings and Loans Plc is a division of the Izwe Africa Group, which was established in 2004 and is presently located in Mauritius. Its goal is to enable access to easy financial solutions and developmental finance so that Africa’s workforce can reach its full potential.


Requirements for Izwe loans

There are requirements for every loan, just like there are for loans from other financial organizations.

You must meet the following criteria in order to apply for a loan from Izwe:

  • Your government identification number


  • Two authentic passport photos


  • Most recent pay slip


  • A functioning national identification number


  • Banking documentation or a bank statement


  • A minimum of GHC 50 must be deposited into your account.


  • Describe your home’s address


How to apply for Izwe Loans

Applying for Izwe loans only requires a few simple steps.

  • To submit an application for a loan, go to any Izwe branch. In Ghana, the business has numerous branches.
  • Make a call to the call center and express your interest in the loan.
  • The company’s agent network may potentially be able to aid with loan acquisition.


  • To apply for the loan, go to their website using a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer.


  • If you must have completed any of the aforementioned actions, you will quickly receive an offer depending on your affordability.


  • Sign the contract, then turn in your supporting documentation.


  • Get your loan next.

How to pay back Izwe loans

  • On the due date, make sure there is enough money in your account.


  • In accordance with your contract, they will take the monthly payment automatically out of your account.


What is the lowest and maximum interest rate for Izwe loans?

It is crucial to understand the interest rates before applying for a loan. You can use this to determine whether you have the financial means to repay the loan.

Depending on the loans you qualify for, Izwe loans have different interest rates. Izwe loans, however, have a minimum interest rate of 15%. While 24% is the highest interest rate allowed.


Where to open the Izwe savings and deposit account 

You can open a savings and investment account if you meet the conditions. A representative can be contacted or you can visit an Izwe brand.

You can use the website to request a callback if you are unable to access an Izwe branch and do not have an agent’s contact information.


How much is needed to open Izwe Savings Account

You must deposit money into the savings and investment account as soon as it is opened. The minimal deposit is GH₵ 50. However, you have the option to increase it in the subsequent deposit. You can deliver the deposit to the Izwe agent in your neighborhood each month.

Despite the fact that Izwe loans Ghana does not have an app, you will still get an SMS confirming the deposit and the account’s balance.


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