UBA Flexi loan

You might be curious to know  how to obtain a loan from the UBA bank in Ghana. UBA Bank loans come in a variety of forms that can accommodate small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as well as individuals and major corporations.

Because of its variety and top-notch customer service, UBA bank loans continue to be a popular choice among people all throughout the country. As a result, you may quickly apply for a loan by going to one of their branches or using the mobile option.

Nevertheless, depending on the sort of loan in issue, there are a number of features, advantages, and eligibility conditions you must meet. As a result, we will cover all you need to know about Flexi loans in this article.

About UBA Flexi Loan

A flexible loan product has been launched by United Bank for Africa Ghana Limited with the goal of granting all public employees simple access to credit.
Access to the Flexi Loan is granted within 48 hours, and its repayment terms are flexible.  As long as the person draws their salary through the Controller and Accountant General’s Department, the facility is open to both account holders and non-holders of UBA accounts.

They developed this consumer loan specifically for all government employees. especially for individuals with easy access to credit who receive their salary through the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD). Flexi Loans have no collateral requirements and have payback terms ranging from 36 months for consumers without provident funds to 60 months for those who do.

Features of UBA Flexi Loan

  1. Users can utilize it whether or not they have an account.
  2. Customers without a provident fund are only allowed to deposit up to USD 25,000 equivalent in Cedis, while those who do have one are only allowed to deposit up to USD 50,000 equivalent in Cedis.
  3. No collateral is required.
  4. Extremely low interest rates
  5. Loan repayment terms of 36 months for borrowers without Provident Fund and 60 months for borrowers with Provident Fund.
  6. There is also the opportunity to top up the loan.
  7. Customers who currently have loans with the Bank can quickly top up to increase their liquidity.
  8. They are prepared to assume your loans with other institutions after you submit an application for a top-up.

Benefits of Flexi Loan

  1. You can effortlessly fund urgent necessities without trouble.
  2. There is no need for collateral.

Requirements for loan

  1. Application for a UBA consumer loan.
  2. In your name, a letter of lien, a statement of set-off, or a deposit hypothecation agreement
  3. A letter confirming the collateral.
  4. Original savings passbook or deposit certificate.
  5. Note of Charge over the Investment or Cash Deposit
UBA Flexi loan
UBA Flexi loan

Qualification for loan

  1. You must have money deposited with the bank in cash or investments and their equivalents.
  2. Your salary for the previous three months must have been paid via the bank.
  3. Employees discussing or selling consumer credit products.

Other loan products UBA bank offers

UBA bank provides its clients with several financial products in addition to the Flexi loan. They consist of:

  1. UBA Medical
  2. Overdraft
  3. No Wahala Loan
  4. Distributor Financing
  5. UBA Schools
  6. Short-term loans
  7. Medium-Term loans
  8. Executive Loan
  9. Drawings against uncleared effects
  10. Structured Finance
  11. UBA Divine
  12. UBA Mortgage

How to apply 

  1. To submit a loan application, go to any of their branch around.
  2. Fill out a loan application and turn it in with the necessary paperwork to any branch.
  3. Upon loan approval, execute an offer letter outlining the conditions and criteria of the loan.
  4. The loan will be paid into a salary account maintained by the Bank.

Contact Details

  • Address: Heritage Tower Ambassadorial Enclave Off Liberia Road Ridge Accra P.M.B 29, Ministries Accra, Ghana
  • Phone number: +233 (0) 302 634 060
  • Toll-free number: 0800833833
  • Email: [email protected]


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