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Getting instant loans in Ghana can sometimes be hectic. For anyone looking for a small loan to meet their immediate needs, the process of receiving quick and instant loans in Ghanaian banks is quite drawn-out, tiresome, and time-consuming.

This article covers all aspects of rapid loans, including what they entail, mobile money lending apps, etc.


What is an Instant Loan?

An instant loan is a brief loan with high interest rates and costs that is often for a little amount of money, according to

Also, according to, a loan is anything that is borrowed, particularly money that is owed back with interest.


How To Apply For Instant Loan In Accra.

  • You must download the app from which you want to receive payment.
  • After that, you enter your personal data and attach all the required files.
  • You submit them and then wait for them to be reviewed.
  • Your request will then either be granted or rejected.
Instant Loans In Ghana
Instant Loans In Ghana

List of Some Ghanaian Lenders Offering Instant Loan

  • Fido Money Lending Limited 

Through your mobile device, Fido Money Lending Limited provides a quick, simple, and convenient way to apply for a loan. It is one of many financial institutions in Ghana that will grant you a loan without requiring any collateral or guarantors. From the convenience of your home, you can submit an application for financing and quickly receive the funds you require.

  • CashGhana Limited 

One of the greatest companies in Ghana for getting quick mobile money loans is CashGhana Limited. All employees have access to a salary advance through this program, allowing you to borrow a small sum of money to tide you over until your next paycheck. Only a brief-term loan is offered by the business, and you can apply for one without putting up any collateral.

  • GTBank QuickCredit 

GTBank’s QuickCredit program enables retail clients to obtain immediate cash for their need. You may receive a salary advance or borrow up to 100% of your monthly salary if you have a GTBank bank account. You can access the service via your mobile phone by dialing *737*0#.

  • Izwe Savings & Loans 

Personal loans are available from Izwe Savings & Loans to help you overcome your present financial difficulties. On a set term of up to 72 months, you are permitted to borrow up to GHC 40,000. The company offers reasonable monthly payments, particularly for individuals in the government service.

  • MTN Qwik Loan 

All MTN MoMo members can get quick and convenient loans with MTN Qwik Loan, a financial solution. Users in Ghana can access short-term, unsecured mobile money loans through their MTN Mobile Money wallets. You can easily use the lending facility from your mobile phone, unlike other lenders, and you don’t require any bank or funds to borrow.

  • Blue Financial Services Ghana Limited 

A great substitute for rapid loans in Ghana is Blue Financial Services Ghana. It manages loans and instantly transfers payments to your bank or mobile money account. The company will offer you the money 24 hours after you apply.

  • Bloom Kash 

Ghanaian internet lender Bloom Kash is reputable and secure. It allows borrowers to easily obtain credit anytime, anywhere, and it offers fast mobile money loans. You will have 91 to 365 days to pay back the corporation whatever money you borrow from them.

  • First National Bank

Customers of First National Bank can apply for personal loans to help them with unforeseen expenses. You can obtain a loan from the company to pay off debts or obtain finance. Additionally, it has a financial tool that enables online loan applications or debt consolidation.

  • Direct Savings & Loans 

All customers can choose from a variety of loan packages offered by Direct Savings & Loans. You can use the Bullet Loan to support your needs in times of need or for quick resolutions. You can borrow a maximum of GHC1,000.


What are the advantages of instant loans?

Instant loans have a lot of advantages. Besides avoiding the strain and laborious bank loan request procedures. We’ll examine a couple more advantages of instant loans.

  • Typically, they transfer the money on the same day.


  • The majority of lenders support fee-free early repayment.


  • E-signatures can be used online (in most cases)


  • A quick online application


  • Loan approval decisions are rendered promptly.


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