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Bayport loans are flexible, comes with good interest rate and easy to apply.

You might have been in the search for funds to pay your bills, consolidate your debt, start a business, renovate your home or to even further your studies. And, perhaps, you have finally considered taking a personal loan from a lender to meet your needs: If so, this article will introduce to you one of the leading providers of financial solutions in Ghana, Bayport Ghana, and you’ll be walked through pertinent information about the company as well as the various processes and steps you will need to take in order to access a loan from this financial institution.



It is a financial institution which started operation in 2003 in Ghana. Historically, it was registered as a non banking financial institution under the PNDC Law, 328.  It had two (2) operations in Ghana since its inception until it integrated all its components into a single whole in 2017.

Currently, Bayport Ghana has about 57 branches across nine (9) continents including sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America with a huge client base of about 180, 153 borrowers.

By providing reliable financial solutions and services in the manner of Credit, Investments and Insurance to many individuals, Bayport Ghana has been recognized and considered as a trusted and one of the leading financial institutions in the country.


The PayRoll Loan Component:

If you are a government worker, especially in the civil service, you can easily obtain a loan against your future salary income. As a salaried worker, the payroll loan component of the Bayport savings and investment limited allows you the opportunity to apply for a loan package against your future salary income.



If you are interested in the payroll loan package, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • You must have a personal/national identification number (Voter’s ID, Passport, Driving License and others)
  • You must have your most recent payslip
  • You must have a SSNIT number
  • You need a bank account and bank statement



With the online application system, you can easily and conveniently apply for your personal loan. The process(s)/steps that will lead you to your loan are outlined below:


  1. Step 1

Register and activate your contact details a create a personal password for your account on the Bayport Loans official website:

After creating your account, you will then receive an email to confirm your account by clicking on the “activate your account” and proceed to log in.

  1. Step 2

Login and Apply: Now, your account has been well established. The next step is to log in with your password and kick start the application process by uploading the necessary information.

  1. Step 3

Affordability assessment: At this stage, Bayport Loans Ghana might have received your information, and now begins to conduct an assessment on your information to determine whether you are qualified for the requested loan package.

  1. Step 4

Sign your contract: At this stage you are required to sign your online contract and wait for the disbursement. This comes after you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of the loan.

  1. Step 5

This is the last step. At this stage, disbursement of your requested package is made into your account.

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