Welcome to Loans in Ghana. Today we are going to give you a complete list of all the hire purchase companies in Ghana, their contact location and any other relevant information therein.

Whether you are in Accra, Kumasi, or any other part of the country, contact any of the companies listed below for hire purchase deals.


Before I list the hire purchase companies, let me briefly explain some stuff to you.


What is a hire purchase?

Hire purchase is basically when a buyer makes an initial deposit for a product and pays the balance (plus interests) in installments whiles using the item bought. Hire purchase and buy now pay later are used interchangeably.

Companies that offer hire purchase in Ghana are not enough due to the breach of trust between buyers and customers.

The available companies however, mostly do give government workers and private salaried workers the opportunity to take products especially electronic appliances for hire purchase whiles the balance being deducted directory from their salary.


Now let us have a look at the companies that offer hire purchase in Ghana

List of Hire Purchase Companies.

  • City Hire Purchase

They are one of the most popular hire purchase companies in Accra, Ghana. City Palace also known as pear City Mall gives buy now pay later options to its clients (terms and conditions apply). All you have to do is to choose an electronic appliance of your choice, fill the hire purchase form HERE and receive your item in no time.

Locate them on Google Maps



  • TCL Ghana

TCL is an electronic appliance manufacturer with most of its market in Asia, America and Sub Saharan Africa. They specialize in televisions, mobile phones, refrigerators, washing machines and many more.

In Ghana, TCL offer hire purchase for any products of theirs under the following conditions

Buyer must be

  • A government worker
  • Nurse or midwife or
  • A private salaried worker

If you fall in any of the categories above you qualify for TCL Ghana hire purchase. For more information call TCL Ghana using the contact details below


  • Electroland Ghana

They are the official distributors and representatives of Samsung and Nasco in Ghana. Electroland Ghana Limited specializes in the retail of electronic appliances such as televisions, refrigerators, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. For more information about Electroland’s hire purchase contact


  • Syndicated Capital Ghana

This company also gives you the opportunity to purchase their products and pay in installments provided you fall under any of the category of people below:

  • Civil servants
  • Ghana police service workers
  • National service
  • Ghana armed forces

Products available for hire purchase at Syndicated Capital include televisions, decoders and dishes. For more information, visit HERE


Other companies listed below

My final advice/words

Hire purchase in Ghana is mostly designed to suit government salaried workers, national service personnel and private salaried workers. This gives the seller the ability to deduct the installment directly from the buyer’s salary.

For the buyer, it comes in handy, especially when you need an electronic appliance but do not have enough money to finance.

Also note that most of these companies do give a maxmimum of a year or two to pay the installments in full.

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