GCB Bank Loans

With 14.2% of all industry deposits, GCB Bank Limited, formerly known as Ghana Commercial Bank, is the largest bank in Ghana in terms of total operational assets. The bank is the largest privately owned financial organization in Ghana with 184 branches.

We’ll talk more about the GCB Bank in this post, as well as the kinds of loans that are accessible for anyone to use if they need them. Some of these loans include personal loans, business loans, mortgages, and other financial services and investments.


How To Open GCB Account

  1. Download the GCB Account Opening Form online
  2. Fill the form correctly and sign where applicable
  3. Attach two recent passport photographs with your names on the reverse side
  4. Attach your means of identification; Drivers license, international passport, voters ID, NIA card or NHIS card.
  5. Deposit the amount of money you want to open your account with.
  6. Proof of residential and postal addresses (a copy of any of the following):
    • Utility bill (water or electricity)
    • Tenancy agreement
    • Employer’s reference letter
  7. Residence permit where applicable
  8. Attach every document that applies to your specific account.
  9. Visit any branch of GCB nearest to you to submit your application.

Application Requirement For Opening GCB Current  Account

  • Two passport-sized photograph.
  • Valid photo identity (Passport / Driver’s License / Voter ID / SSNIT Biometric card ).
  • Proof of residential and postal addresses (a copy of any of the following):
    • Utility bill (water or electricity)
    • Tenancy agreement
    • Employer’s reference letter
  • Initial deposit (amount to be determined by Bank from time to time)


GCB Loans

This is a credit line provided to salaried employees (owners of GCB accounts) within 24 hours to cover a variety of personal, family, and home needs. The loan is repaid over a predetermined length of time in regular monthly installments.



  • Automatically processing loans
  • Salaries must go through a customer’s Bank account.
  • Facilities are delivered in less than 24 hours with the necessary papers.
  • 6 to 36 months for repayment
  • Making use of the lowering balancing approach, interest rates are determined.
  • You can apply for a loan at any branch.


Benefits of GCB Loans

  • Quick credit availability
  • Customers receive a substantial sum of cash up front, with the option to repay it over a certain period.
  • Because interest rates and principle repayments are permanently fixed, budgeting is facilitated.
  • There is a capability to upgrade.




GCB Loan Rate

Personal loan interest rates have been lowered by GCB Bank from 26% to 24% annually, effective immediately. The repayment of the principal and interest on personal loans has also been suspended for a period of two months by the Bank.


Registration of G-Money Account

G-Money is a mobile platform design by the GCB Bank to aid in performing all kinds of mobile money transactions. Some of its features includes sending and receiving money and the payment of bills.

Here are the processes involved in registering for your G-Money account.

  1. Visit any G-Money agent or any Ghana Commercial Bank branch close to you with a valid voter’s ID, Driver’s license or National ID.
  2. Confirm your account after the agent  has concluded with the process. This can be done by simply dialing the short code *422#.


How To Secure Your Account

  1. Keep your Pin in mind
  2. Under no circumstance must you share your Pin with anybody
  3. Do not write down your Pin anywhere
  4. Do not share your Pin with any online survey platform
  5. Do not save your Pin on your mobile phone
  6. Your Pin should not be generated from your account or phone number
  7. Only confirm transactions your have authorized


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