Fidelity Bank is a popular commercial bank in Ghana which was given it’s Universal Banking License on June 28, 2006, making it the 22nd bank to be licensed by the Bank of Ghana. It is one of the twenty-seven licensed commercial banks in the Ghana. it was founded in1988 and headquartered in Lagos.

In this article, we will be discussing the various investment packages this financial institution has for it’s customers. There are also many convenient services they provide such as transactional account, loans, prestige banking, digital banking, Bancassurance.  


Fidelity Reserve Account

Whatever you are saving for, the Fidelity Reserve account makes it easier to achieve your target with ease and convenience.


  • No monthly account maintenance fee
  • Earn interest on your savings
  • Free internal transfer and standing order from your transactional account
  • Allows up to two (2) free withdrawal per month *
  • Use your savings to secure a loan


  • Minimum account opening amount – GHC50
  • Minimum operating balance is GHc50
  • Interest is calculated and paid monthly
  • No check book issued on account
  • Access to Visa debit card and mobile App
  • 2 free withdrawals allowed per month

*(More than two (2) withdrawal in a month attract a penalty and forfeiture of interest at the end of the month)

Fidelity Lifestyle Investment Plan (FLIP GHS Account)

The Fidelity Lifestyle Investment Plan (FLIP) is an all-inclusive and goal-oriented investment plan designed to enable you to meet long-term financial goals and aspirations. FLIP is indexed to the GoG 91-Day Treasury bill with the convenience to build up investment contribution through weekly or monthly contributions from as low as GHc50 or more.

Key Benefits

  • Flexible contribution options- daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly
  • Conveniently start with as low as GHS50 or more
  • Competitive returns on investment indexed the 91-Day GoG T-bill rate
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid quarterly 
  • No fund management fees or administrative charges 
  • Withdrawal before maturity (3 years) attracts a Withdrawal penalty 
    • 1% of withdrawal amount for first 2 withdrawals within the same calendar year 
    • 3% of withdrawal amount for 3 withdrawals or more within the same calendar year 
  • No withdrawal fee upon maturity
  • Account holder is eligible for a FLIP Loan up to 90% of the total FLIP investment.
    • Repayment period up to 12 months


  • FLIP account to be funded through Fidelity bank Current or Savings account
  • Must have an existing savings or current account with Fidelity Bank Ghana
  • No debit card or chequebook issued on investment account

Fidelity Smart Account

No matter how low your income is, secure and manage your money the smart way with the Fidelity Smart Account. Get an instant bank account and a debit card with just a valid national ID, and enjoy an easy banking experience wherever you go.


  • Get an instant bank account with any valid national ID
  • Receive remittance or transfer from abroad and any bank in Ghana
  • Link your account to your mobile money wallet and access your funds anywhere
  • Earn competitive interest rate on your account balance
  • Open account with a minimum of GHS20
  • No monthly account service charge
  • Access your account perform banking transactions on your phone
  • Get a debit card and access your account from any ATM in Ghana


  • Minimum opening balance is GHS20
  • Minimum operating balance is GHS5
  • No Monthly account service charge
  • Maximum daily withdrawal limit is GHS 10,000
  • Unlimited number of withdrawals in a month
  • No limit on account balance

Access to Fidelity Visa debit card (card issuance and maintenance fee apply)

Fidelity Easy Save Account

Save as you spend with the Fidelity Easy Save Account (FESA). Enjoy automatic savings from your transaction account to your FESA whenever you make withdrawal, payment or transfer on your account.


  • Open account with ease in less than 1 minute via your mobile phone- dial *776#
  • Automatically save anytime you spend
  • Start savings with as low as GHs5 or more
  • No monthly account service charge
  • Free SMS notification on your savings
  • Track your savings on your Fidelity Mobile App
  • Earn interest on your savings


  • Accessible to existing Fidelity customers
  • Open FESA account via *776#
  • Interest is calculated daily and paid every month
  • No monthly account service charge
  • No account opening balance required
  • Choose from GHc5, GHc10, GHc20, GHc50 or GHc100 savings per transaction
  • Minimum savings period is 36 months
  • 1 free withdrawal allowed every calendar year – can withdraw up to 25% total savings per year
  • Can link multiple personal accounts to your FESA.

Simply dial *776# and selected Easy Save (option 6) to sign-up


The FLIP USD account is a US dollar-denominated short-term investment that offers competitive interest on your dollar funds. Enjoy the flexibility to build up your USD funds to meet short-to-long term plans by making monthly deposits into your FLIP USD.


  • Flexible investment contribution plan to meet your financial goals
  • Earn competitive returns on your USD funds indexed to the USD LIBOR rate
  • Free Standing Instruction to linked to your USD transaction account
  • No Administrative or Management fees
  • You can access a cash-baked loan facility of up to 70% of your USD investment value
  • Track your investment via the Fidelity Mobile App


  • Minimum starting investment is US$5,000
  • Minimum monthly contribution is US$100
  • Minimum balance to earn interest is US$5,000 + monthly contributions
  • Minimum investment period is 3 months, with automatic roll-over
  • Withdrawal within the investment cycle will result in forfeiture of interest for the current quarter
  • No withdrawal or management fee

Fidelity Bright Kids Account

Give your child/ward a head start to a brighter future by saving towards this future. Open a Bright Kids account today and demonstrate the right way to save.


  • Earn competitive interest rate on your savings
  • No monthly account maintenance fee
  • Set-up free Standing Order linked to guardian/ parent’s account
  • Track progress on savings 24/7 via the Fidelity mobile app
  • Conveniently pay school fees online directly from the account.


  • Minimum account opening amount – GHS 50
  • Minimum account balance – GHS 50
  • No withdrawal in the first 6 months of account opening
  • One withdrawal allowed per month after 6 months of account operation- penal fee apply for exceeding withdrawal limit
  • Available in multiple currencies – GHS; USD; GBP & EUR








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