Ecobank credit card provides you with the simpler and easier methods of performing transactions

Keeping your cash on you? Using a credit card for purchases and cash withdrawals is safer and simpler.

With an Ecobank credit card, you can spend your money more freely if you have an Ecobank Advantage Account or Ecobank Premier Account. Spend money sensibly now, then repay it later. in this article provides you with information about ecobank and also more about their credit card services.

Just take your time and through this article to know more. enjoy yourself as you read on.

About Ecobank

On January 9, 1989, Ecobank Ghana PLC (Ecobank) was established as a private limited liability company under the Companies Code to conduct banking operations. The Bank of Ghana initially granted Ecobank a merchant bank operating license on November 10, 1989, and the company officially opened for business on February 19, 1990.

Ecobank has steadily increased its market share in Ghana over the years to rank among the most recognizable corporate names in the banking sector. The Ghana Stock Exchange (GSE) listed Ecobank in July 2006 after it received a universal banking license in 2003.

With a total asset size of GHS17.93 billion, shareholders’ funds of GHS2.68 billion, a profit before tax of GHS893.73 million, and a profit after tax of GHS581.90 million, the bank had a stellar financial performance at the end of 2021. This led to an average return on equity (ROAE) of 23% and an average return on assets (ROAA) of 3.4%.

How to open an account in Ecobank?

The following documents must be uploaded in order to apply for an Ecobank Business Account:

  • Passports and national identification cards are examples of identification documents.
  • Residence Verification.
  • Customer Images. Selfie or individual photo

Benefits of Ecobank credit card

The Ecobank credit card provides users with several benefits which includes the following.

  • Earn benefits like cashback or mileage points.
  • Security from credit card theft.
  • Free credit score information.
  • Absence of foreign transaction costs
  • Increased capacity to spend.
  • Not connected to a savings or checking account.
  • Placing a hold on a hotel or rental car
Ecobank credit card: How to apply
Ecobank credit card: How to apply

How to apply for Ecobank credit card

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Select your preferred credit card.
Step 3: To submit your application, enter your information and confirm it with an OTP.
Step 4: Get immediate approval in principle.
Step 5: After your KYC and other documents have been successfully validated, your virtual credit card will be available right away.
Step 6: Get your virtual card information by logging into Internet Banking with the temporary ID and password that was issued to your registered cellphone number.
Step 7:Use your credit card information for secure online transactions.

How to activate my Ecobank credit card

To activate the card, successfully complete a PIN-based transaction (such as checking your balance or withdrawing money) at an Ecobank ATM located in your area.


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