Databank is a financial institution that was founded in April 1990 it is a financial service provider and a brokerage firm with its headquarters in Accra, Ghana. It provides corporate and public finance advisory services. 

In this write-up, we will be looking at the various investment package at Databank. Databank’s mission is to empower its customers to achieve financial independence by promoting financial literacy and offering a diverse range of investment products. To deliver on this mission, Databank offers corporate finance, brokerage, fund management and research services to local and foreign individuals, multinational companies, pension trusts and institutional investors for the ECOWAS sub-region.


Databank MFund, Ghana’s first money market fund, was launched in 2004. MFund is a low-risk mutual fund that operates as an investment alternative to a savings account to help you meet your short-term financial needs.


You can buy your 91-day, 182-day and 364 Treasury Bills from Databank with as little as GHC 100. Treasury Bills are short-term Government of Ghana instruments that are chosen for their safety, low risk and stable returns. Open a Treasury Bill account with Databank and enjoy customized after-sales investment advisory services and different pay-out options when your investment matures. Treasury Bills are sold through Databank Brokerage.

To open a Treasury Bill account, visit the nearest databank branch or complete the forms below and send them to [email protected]. You can also top up your Treasury Bill on our Online Services portal.


The Databank Church Growth Account (DCGA) is an investment package designed specifically for church leadership. DCGA combines a Databank mutual fund with other benefits such as free investment seminars for all church members two times per year, free health screening for church members once per year, SME clinic for church leadership that offers training on bookkeeping, budgeting, financial management practices, and access to loans using your investment as collateral.

The ultimate goal of DCGA is to create an investment package that will enable the church as a body to invest towards a particular project (e.g., Church renovation, Maintenance Fund, Missions Fund) and also help church members (individuals & pastors) cultivate the habit of investing.

Every deposit made under DCGA is invested in MFund (seeks to achieve its objective by investing 100% of the funds in fixed-income securities).


1.Grow projects funds through strong returns

  • Proven investment expertise (20 years of managing funds)
  • Underlying fund is MFund which offers you stability and preservation of capital

2. Grow financial strength of church

  • Free financial seminars for church members twice a year
  • Set up a provident fund for church workers
  • SME clinics for church leadership on book keeping
  • Access to loans using Databank investment as collateral for loan
  • Dedicated RM to handle all financial needs

3Grow the health of your church

  • Free health screening each year for church members with DCGA accounts above GHC 2,000 (up to 300 members)




Head Office
61 Barnes Road Adabraka, Accra
Private Mail Bag, Ministries Post Office
Accra, Ghana
Tel: 0302 610610
Fax: 0302 681443
E-mail[email protected]

Sunyani Office 
Third Floor
GCB Building, Sunyani
Tel: 0576 001533 / 0577 704516
E-mail[email protected]

Ho Office
Opposite the Vodafone Regional Office,
on the Ministries Road.
Tel: 0362 000071
E-mail[email protected]

Tema Office 
Meridian Plaza, Room 201 & 202, 2nd Floor
Community 1 Tema
Tel:  0303 213240 / 210050
E-mail[email protected]

Koforidua Office
2nd Floor, Nicco-Annan Plaza
Behind Koforidua Metropolitan Assembly
Tel: 0342 031189 / 0577 289 123

Takoradi Office
SSNIT Office Complex,
1st Floor, Room 208, Takoradi
Tel: 03120 23628/ 25465
E-mail[email protected]

Kumasi Office
House of Excellence Annex – Adu,
PMB, Central Post Office – Adum, Kumasi
Tel: 03220 81483/ 80077/ 80078
E-mail[email protected]

Tamale Office 
First Floor
MTN Building, Tamale
Tel: 0577 802665/ 802666
E-mail[email protected]


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