Afb mobile money loans give individuals, start-up companies, or small businesses financial support. Financial limitations are a life event that both enterprises and people must endure. So it makes sense to use the money to meet your requirements. You can apply for a rapid loan, especially when you have a pressing need.

There are now internet lenders likes Smartcash who offer cash loans without security. Instead, all you would need to prove is that you are a long-term employee and that you are eligible for a loan. Additionally, you won’t face any financial difficulties in repaying the cash loan.

You will learn more about Afb loans, the loans they offer, how to apply, and other information as you read.


About Afb

Afb Ghana was established in 2010 and has expanded over the entire nation of Ghana with 25 branches, serving more than 60,000 consumers.

It is a financial services company that offers its clients cutting-edge consumer lending products. LetsHego Savings and Loans is currently known as Afb Ghana. The Afb mobile money loans have been thoughtfully designed so that Ghanaians can benefit from them.

It provides direct loans to salaried employees as well as other types of loans, such as payroll loans. Additionally, it provides loans through SmartCash to unlicensed or market vendors. Additionally, it provides credit life insurance on a few products. And when the consumer passes away, becomes incapacitated, or becomes gravely ill, this takes care of the unpaid balance. Prepaid cards for payrolls and direct loans are also available from afb loans.

It has collaborated with organizations including Ghana Police and the Controller and Accountant General (CAG). The Volta River Authority and Ghana Armed Forces are also on the list to provide employees with Afb loan products.


Features of Afb Smartcash loan

Smartcash loans set themselves apart from other loans with a number of advantages. They comprise:

  • There is no need for collateral.
  • A bank account is not required.
  • Your mobile wallet will be credited with the funds.
Afb smartcash loan
Afb smartcash loan

Loans Afb offer

  • Land loans

The land loan is used by Afb (LetsHego) Ghana to help clients who want to buy land. Particularly those who lack the necessary financial resources.

  • Afb Smartcash loans

This credit product was created for market vendors or unorganized labor. The loan period is brief, only lasting up to 30 days. One of Ghana’s most well-known mobile money loans, it is an instant loan. Your MTN Mobile Money or Vodafone Cash wallet is where they deposit the money.

  • Payroll loans

This loan product was intended especially for government employees who get a salary. Here, borrowers are required to deduct the loan balance from their paychecks on payday.


How to apply for the Afb Smartcash loan?

  1. Download the Afb loan app Creditum Prime. You’ll need a strong internet connection to accomplish this. Download the app by going to your Google Play store and searching for Creditum Prime. This app is the sole one that Afb has created for mobile devices to make it simple for users to acquire loans. This program has a file size of only 6.6 MB and works with practically all smart phones.
  2. Create your own profile and use a memorable, strong password.


  3. Apply for the loan by following the instructions in the application; you can also use smartcash to apply for a mobile loan.


  4. However, keep in mind that each lender has a minimum and maximum loan amount they will grant when requesting the loan amount you require.


  5. You can request for withdrawals through the app and buy shares as well.


  6. You can post a complaint on the app and ask for assistance if you run into any problems or are dissatisfied with the service.


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