Are you considering requesting an Absa credit card? Then consider obtaining an Absa credit card that offers rewards for usage.

One of the most recent banks to have completely revolutionized its sector is Absa. The bank treats its customers with a variety of goods and services.

The perks and fantastic prices on Absa credit cards let you enjoy your life to the fullest. Learn about the advantages of using credit cards for online purchases, payments at any retail location, handling unforeseen costs, and earning rewards.

This article is also here to give you brief tutorial on the process of obtaining an Absa credit card with ease. It also includes the requirements and other important  information about their credit cards.

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The benefits of Absa credit cards 

  • A 55-day maximum period of interest-free credit
  • Only 5% of the total expenditure balance must be repaid each month in order to meet the minimal requirement.
  • 24 hour access to 60% of your credit limit in cash at any Visa ATM
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Free monthly e-Statement
  • Visa rights are available
  • Free entrance to the airport lounge
  • Use online and mobile banking to pay your expenses.
  • Get free SMS notifications.
  • 10% or GHS 20 late payment penalty (whichever is higher)
  • Scheme mark-up fee: 5% one-time.
  • GHS50 is the cost of replacing a card
  • Innovative incentive scheme for travel. Flights, hotel stays, cruise tickets, and duty-free shopping can all be purchased with points.
  • Items purchased using your card will have an extended warranty that adds one more year to the original manufacturer’s warranty.
  • When a loss or damage happens within 365 days of the purchase date, purchase protection automatically offers coverage.
  • Free ATM theft insurance
  • Worldwide Acceptance
  • Discounts at alliance partners that are appealing

Types of Absa credit cards

  • Company Credit Card

The Company Credit Card, designed especially for businesses, enables you to reduce your spending and manage your expenditure.


The organization requesting the card must already have a business account with Absa Bank.

Absa credit card
Absa credit cards
  • Platinum Credit card

This type of credit card offers you free traveling insurance, enticing discounts and points whenever it is used for payments and also shopping.


  • Identification document; passport, driver’s license, or national identity card
  • Residence proof; not older than three months, utility bills.
    If a relationship must be proven, a birth certificate or marriage certificate must be presented.
  • Current payslip
  • Statements from your banks for the previous three months

NB: Original copies of all documents are necessary. The needed document list listed above is simply a guide. To process your application, the bank may at any moment require further paperwork or information.


  • Gold Credit Card

With a Visa Gold Credit Card, you may increase your purchasing power and take advantage of alluring perks and benefits.


  • Classic Credit Card

The Classic Credit Card offers a balance transfer that is interest-free for three months, a simple instalment plan option, and free rewards points for every card swipe.


  • Signature Credit Card

Enjoy free access to VIP lounges at more than 1,100 airports around the world as you explore the world with the benefit of free multi-trip insurance. Additionally, on local and international transactions, you can receive up to 3% cashback benefits.


Credit Card Tips

  • You must keep a positive credit history, stay informed about your creditworthiness, and be aware of your credit score and credit report in order to start developing your credit record or improving it.
  • There are credit protection programs that can assist you with making your debt repayments in the event of your death, incapacity, serious illness, or layoffs.
  • It’s critical that you start out with the correct knowledge about how to utilize your credit card.
  • When you have additional money available, it is a good idea to use credit responsibly.
  • Pick a card that fits your way of life. If it’s a rewards card, pick one with features you are certain to utilize.
  • Choose a card with no fees. These cards are excellent for online purchases or last-minute emergencies.
  • You will receive more benefits from a card with fees. Do your research to determine the value of the fee.
  • Know the interest rate associated with your card. You’ll always have interest-free credit if you make your payments on time and before the due date on each statement.
  • Make sure you pay more than the minimum installment if you are unable to pay the entire balance due. Your loan won’t go away, but the interest will be repaid.
  • Consider combining all of your existing credit card debt into one loan if it becomes too large. A lower interest rate will be assessed to you on the outstanding balance.


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