ABSA formerly Barclays Bank is one of the renowned international banks operating in Ghana. In this post, I will bring to you ABSA Ghana’s exchange rate.

If you make your living online, you probably are paid in foreign currency such as United States Dollars or Great Britain Pounds.

Once you get paid and your money lands in your domiciliary account, you need to walk to the nearest forex bureau to exchange your foreign currency to Ghana Cedis.

However, if you don’t have a domiciliary account, your bank is going to use their current exchange rate to convert your money into Ghana Cedis equivalent.

Things to note

  • The exchange rate is not fixed. That is, it always changes due to some economic factors
  • ABSA Ghana Exchange rate is always displayed on the bank’s official site
  • Any information I publish here about the ABSA Bank Ghana exchange rate was extracted from their website.


What is ABSA Current Exchange Rate?


Date Foreign Currency Currency Pair Buying Selling Mid-Rate
27 Feb 2023 US Dollar USDGHS 11.0075 11.0185 11.0130
27 Feb 2023 Pound Sterling GBPGHS 13.2398 13.2542 13.2470
27 Feb 2023 Swiss Franc CHFGHS 11.7572 11.7679 11.7626
27 Feb 2023 Australian Dollar AUDGHS 7.4050 7.4157 7.4104
27 Feb 2023 Canadian Dollar CADGHS 8.1141 8.1219 8.1180
27 Feb 2023 Danish Krone DKKGHS 1.5687 1.5701 1.5694
27 Feb 2023 Japanese yen JPYGHS 0.0809 0.0810 0.0810
27 Feb 2023 New Zealand Dollar NZDGHS 6.7881 6.7967 6.7924
27 Feb 2023 Norwegian Krone NOKGHS 1.0644 1.0650 1.0647
27 Feb 2023 Swedish Krona SEKGHS 1.0572 1.0579 1.0576
27 Feb 2023 South African Rand ZARGHS 0.5973 0.5978 0.5976
27 Feb 2023 Euro EURGHS 11.6753 11.6859 11.6806
27 Feb 2023 Yuan Renminbi CNYGHS 1.5856 1.5862 1.5859
27 Feb 2023 BCEAO GHSXOF 56.1323 56.1833 56.1578
27 Feb 2023 Dalasi GHSGMD 5.5878 5.9021 5.7450
27 Feb 2023 Ouguiya GHSMRO 32.4162 32.5070 32.4616
27 Feb 2023 Naira GHSNGN 41.8451 41.9241 41.8846
27 Feb 2023 Leone GHSSLL 1811.6691 1832.5697 1822.1194
27 Feb 2023 Ecowas WAUGHS 0.0141 0.0141 0.0141


The Exchange rate above consists of about 20 foreign currencies that can be received into your ABSA Ghana bank account.



It is always better to get a foreign exchange account to help you with international money transactions.

The exchange rates stated above shall be updated from time to time to make sure it reflects the current exchange rate at ABSA Ghana Limited.

The current dollar exchange rate for dollar varies across several banks and forex bureaus. Always confirm from your bank before initiating a transaction. Thank you.



How to get a foreign exchange account at ABSA

You can apply online by visiting the link below. Make sure you have the following documents with you before starting an application.

  • Ghana Card (front and back)
  • Passport photograph (if using hard copy)
  • Proof of employment (for only salaried applicants) evidenced by
    • Payslip (not more than 3 months old) OR
    • Employment contract letter OR
    • Employer introductory letter OR
    • Social security extract
  • Proof of residence (any of the below):
    • Ghana Post digital address (if same as Ghana Card digital address) OR
    • Utility bill in applicant’s name (not more than 3 months old) OR
    • Tenancy agreement with utility bill OR
    • Local government rate document OR
    • Bank statement containing current address (not more than 3 months old) OR
    • Introductory letter from an existing Absa customer who has known the applicant for more than 1 year


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